Monday, August 23, 2010

So for the LONGEST time, my friends  have told me I should start some sort of advice blog or advice column.  Everyone always comes to me for advice, and I don't mind giving them my input at all, from dating to friends, to work and self esteem issues. So for any who may be reading this please start asking.... i have always loved writing (or blogging) because it's a way for me to get my thoughts out.  Thanks and hope everyone enjoys my blog!

I am assuming you will be able to click on the email me button to send me a question . they can be big or small, detailed, or vague, and i will always keep it anonymous and i cant re-word the question if necessary to keep it anonymous.

Thank you!  Have an amazing day :o)


  1. Wishing you all the best. I used to live in Carlisle (near Camp Hill) and have always had chihuahuas - I have the scars to prove it!

  2. Just wanted to say that I support you and I see you as a positive in Jon and the Gosselin children's lives! I wish you and Jon the best and hope your relationship edures the tests of time and the media! ;)

    I'm sorry to have to say this but you will probably end up closing down this blog once word gets out about it to some of the "other blogs." Blogland can get really ugly. I wish you the best.

  3. Wishing you well!
    I'm an animal lover too; six dogs, all rescues. Luckily, we have enough land for them to run . . .
    Good luck with the blog~great idea!

  4. I hope you will be screening your comments. Nice to see you on 15 minutes--I praise God for any positive influence in the lives of the sweet eight! Thank you for your spirit of love you have shown them.

  5. I am a fan of yours from Saskatchewan,Canada, and I wish you well with your blog! I agree, you must have a thick skin to do this, as I have already read negative comments about you and your blog on a stictly kate- fan blog, so be prepared,they can and do get very mean to haterz! I love seeing you with Jon and his children, as things then look so normal for them. Good luck,Ellen!

  6. Best Wishes to you and Jon! The kids seem to have adjusted nicely to you. Mady and Cara need a lot of his attention as they grow, so it's good to see you in their lives too!

  7. I came to your blog because of your lovely association with the children and their father. In reading the blog, I have found you to be a very level-headed, intelligent, thoughtful young woman.
    I wish you all the best with this blog, and with your future, wherever it may lead.

  8. Well, it's been since August and your blog is still up! I haven't heard anything negative about you because I don't pay attention to any gossip magazines or sites. Don't have time to see what fiction story they created next. But I wish you the best and have fun blogging! People told me I'd get sick of it and here I am 6 years later. :)

    p.s. Remember the sword that is given (unwanted publicity or negative rumors), you can give right back. They handed you free publicity for you to promote your blog or any other cause you want. Yes!


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