What do YOU look for in a Handbag?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If you are like me, choosing a handbag is a process.  Personally, I look for several different components. 

Color - I like bright, interesting colors.  If I find a purse that I am in love with and it only comes in black, I might settle for that but overall I like pinks and purples.  I just feel like if you get the right color of a handbag, it will pop no matter what colors you wear.

Material - I am not picky about material.  It can be any kind of material as long as the design of the bag looks good.  By this I mean, if it feels nice and also, if you can see the material from far away, EVEN BETTER! I used to go for "faux" croc patterns just because I like the texture they bring to your everyday bag.  I like the washed letaher look and I also love canvas!

Pockets - I need pockets inside my bags!  I like to have a cell phone pocket, the extra pocket (which I normally put chapstick in), and a zip pocket inside.  I used to like when my bags were divided, but now they have so many cool organizational products for inside your purse that it doesn't really matter.  I don't like if a bag doesn't have a zipper pocket inside.  That's normally where I put my gum, hair ties, clips, etc. 

Handles - I need at least an 8 inch drop. Don't you hate how in the winter it's like nearly impossible to put your purse on without it getting caught on your coat?  I can't stand that! I need a decent sized drop so that I can comfortably carry it on my wrist, or on my shoulder. 

Material and Shape of Handles - Yes, this is a major thing for me.  There were times that I was completely in love with a bag, but when I tried it on, it either slid off because the handles were too rounded, or I couldn't stand it because the handles "stuck" to my shoulder.  I need to have a somewhat flat handle on any bag I wear.  This helps hold it on my shoulder, because there is nothing worse than trying to carry something big, and then your handbag slips off your shoulder and yanks your arm down, causing you to nearly topple over!  Material-wise, as long as it's not any material that sticks to clothing, I'm okay with it.

Embellishments - I like my bags to be....different.  Whether it's a funky pattern, a cool chain, or big gems, I just need it to be something that I won't get bored with.  I especially love the buckles that come down from the handles. That's a major selling point for me.

Size - I don't care how big a bag is, as long as it's not too tiny to get a small agenda book in and out of.  I get super frustrated when I try to pull my wallet out and it's stuck inside because the opening of the purse isn't big enough.

Shape/Style- I tend to like shoulder bags the best.  And anything that cinches at the top, but just slightly, will really catch my eye.  Also, the more rectangular the better.

Weight - This is the most important thing.  There have been times when I have weighed my bags down so much, it pulls my shoulder and I get a migraine later on.  Seriously! (sad, huh?)  So if a bag is super heavy with nothing in it...it is NOT for me!

Brand - I don't care whta brand it is, but I do tend to lean towards official brand bags.  I've purchased handbags with no label, from small boutiques, but they never feel....sturdy.  It's hard to explain, but you can really see that when a well known brand makes a handbag they want the to earn a good reputation in the fashion world.  My favorite bags are from Guess.  Ever since I was a teen, I loved Guess handbags.  Kathy Van Zeeland was my next favorite, but Guess has the best sized bags, by far. I have owned more Guess bags in my life, than any other brand of clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

Price - After everything is said and done, I look at the price.  If it's way too expensive, I note the things I liked about it, and I look at a cheaper bag with some of the same features.  Normally, Guess bags run just under $100.  I never have a problem paying that much, and that's because of one thing...the durability of the bag.  I have had Guess bags for over 5 years and they still look brand new.  If you care for your bag, it will last.  I consider handbags as an investment.  You take it everywhere with you, it's a fashion accessory, and it basically contains your everyday life and beauty routine.  I mean honestly, when people ask me what is one item I'd take to an island, I say my bag...inside it contains all the little things you need on a daily basis.

I can't even pick a favorite bag because as the years go by, I start looking for different things.  A bigger bag, longer handles, etc.  It changes over the years but I still have to say Guess bags are my favorite.  My bags mean everything to me... they are almost like a security. There have been times where I get into a really awkward situation and I will notice I'm clutching onto my bag with a death grip.  LOL!

I would love to hear what you guys look for in a handbag.  What's the most you've spent on a bag? Do you still have your most favorite bag? What is the deciding factor when searching for a bag? What brand do you like best? Comment and let me know!!


  1. easy, it needs to be BIG lol to hold all my crap :)

  2. I love the Harley Davidson bags. Besides being perfect for a motorcycle ride with my husband they are great for my job and basically my life. Plenty of organization in them and tons of style. They last forever and always look new. I have spent between $25 and $200 on them.
    I am a new visitor and follower via Tara...

  3. LOVED this post!!! So many things I could relate to :)...

  4. I tend to like a bag that looks smallish but holds a lot! With my wheelchair, the smaller bags just work best, but they need to hold all my stuff. Wallet, Agenda calendar, Checkbook cover (which I only keep a register in as I always use my debit card) pens, lipsticks, chapsticks, tin of mints, small notebook.
    My favorite brands are Stone Mountain, Coach, B Makowsky and Kathy vanZeeland. I like all colors but must have a least one good tan/brown bags and one black bag. Then I go for my fun colors. I usually go for leather, but as long as the bag is well made, material doesn't matter.


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