Bo Regards Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We all know, as humans, what to do if there’s a fire, but have you ever considered what could go wrong if you’re not home, and a fire starts, and no one is there to save your pets? How are the fire rescue folks supposed to know you have pets inside?! Well, BoRegards has an easy solution!  Whether it’s a medical, fire, or weather emergency, Bo Regards has a great solution for making it known that you have a precious pet inside!  The window stickers I’ve seen are nice but what if no one goes near the window?  Well, that’s why I highly recommend you purchase an In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) Plaque from Bo Regards!

Not only is it a safety benefit, but it actually is quite appealing in a decorative sense.  It sends a clear and simple message to the rescue crews – SAVE OUR PETS!!!! I received a plaque and some stickers and I am so relieved.  It gives me so much more confidence that if something goes wrong and I’m not able to help them, someone else can!  On the stickers, I’m able to note how many pets I have and what kind they are.  The sticker is highly reflective so it’s easier to see!  I think every household should have one of these plaques!!

One reader is going to win a plaque of their own!


  1. Love the plaque in burnished nickel! It would match our house best!

  2. I need this for my Bengal cat Malachi!


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