Fashion Can Be Fun... Especially with Yak Pak

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Check these out! How fun!  These are great for college kids living in a dorm, or anyone in an urban setting where you might like to carry around your backpack to free up your arms.  Instead of just being something you wear, it's now a fashion accessory. 

And if you are a music lover, check out the DJ bags.  You

Yak Pak is a New York-based bag company that manufactures fashionable, innovative, high quality backpacks, messenger bags and other related products. The company was started out of a college dorm room with the vision that there was an opportunity to bring fashion and innovation to the backpack category. A bag isn't just something you carry, it's something you wear.

Over the years, Yak Pak has made many revolutionizing designs in the bag industry including the first micro and mini backpacks, DJ bags, origami bags, cross body shoulder bags, etc. Most recently, Yak Pak has pioneered the trend in bringing fashionable prints to the backpack market thus shifting the industry away from stodgy, solid colors. This open minded approach to product design has translated to a spirit of freedom and independence that resonates in the Yak Pak brand.

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