Snooki Pulls a HUGE Fashion No-No

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Regardless of whether or not she may be pregnant, Snooki was photographed out and about on Tuesday and I just couldn't resist but to post this on my blog and point out a few things that she should NOT have done.  I am a huge fan of animal print but there are many rules with how to wear it and what you can wear it with. 

1.  A Zebra Bag - No way, she should have just had a plain colored handbag or clutch.  Heck, even a leopard print embellished bag would be a little better than this.

2. Zebra earrings - Not only are they huge and gaudy but they DO NOT look right with the rest of her outfit. It makes it extremely tacky and gaudy.  Atleast in my opinion.

3.  Her shoes are a different shade of leopard print then her top so it looks kind of confusing. It just looks  too busy.  I just don't know where to look at this girl!!

So let this be a lesson for you all!!!

So my challenge today is - What bag, shoes, and earrings would you have worn with this outfit?  Post in a comment below!!


  1. Just like makeup on your face you pick one thing to stand your eyes or lips. Same goes for an outfit pick a body part and make it stand can even do a belt and shoes in print and the rest of the outfit be a solid color.

  2. It's a distraction from her impending pregnancy...but still a huge fashion DON'T!

  3. I love her purse, but not with that outfit! And those earrings, ick! I just think the whole outfit is a big mess!

  4. On a side note... I'm loving the pink accents on her car!!


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