People to Think of this Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 28, 2023


So every year I make sure to get something for certain people in my life that I may not know very well yet they play a major role in it every single day.   Today I wanted to make a quick post about these folks so you can add them to your list.  You don't have to do much - buy them so cookies/chocolates, or a $10 gift card to somewhere.  People think you forget about them - prove them wrong.

[ ] Mailmen
[ ] UPS
[ ] FedEx
[ ] Custodial staff
[ ] Security staff
[ ] Bus drivers
[ ] Local fire department
[ ] Local police department
[ ] Groundskeepers
[ ] Receptionists
[ ] Store clerks at places you frequent
[ ] Pet groomers
[ ] Veterinarians and their staff
[ ] Hair stylists

Tis the season - spread the joy.

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