Thursday, December 13, 2012

Budgeting for Vet Bills (It's easier than you think)

photo by MaureenShaughnessy (aka MontanaRaven)via PhotoRee

Being an owner of 4 dogs and having a love for shopping and clothes is very tough.  You never know when, just like a child, one of your pets can get sick and you HAVE to take them to the vet. 

 Unlike kids, there’s not really insurance for pets and the insurance that’s out there only covers certain things.  Recently, I’ve learned to master my budget which I’ll blog about at a later time, but now that I’ve been doing that, I was able to make a separate budget just for the vets!I literally have an envelope for Vet money and every paycheck I take $20 out in cash from the bank and place it in that envelope.  I am not allowed to tap into it for anything other than a vet payment.  In one year that’s $480.  

 This system helps in 3 ways:
1. I don’t have to put off yearly check ups and shots.

 2. I don’t freak out when an emergency happens and it will never be a factor whether or not I should help them.
3. I can budget other parts of my life with this same envelope system so it gets me in a good habit.  So, are you going to try this? 

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  1. My favorite veterinarian who I worked with for 5 years did not recommend pet insurance. Instead, she recommended exactly what you have just said. If the money is not used in the long run, you still have it to put towards other things in your life.


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