Getting a 2nd Dog {{Advice}}

Friday, December 7, 2012

I know you have four chihuhuas, and I have thought a lot about getting a second for my chi to have someone while I'm out. But then at night (he always cuddles me in the bed) I feel like I wouldnt' have that alone time with him that he loves (and so do i) if that makes sense. After all he is my baby! Any suggestions?

photo by zerpheusvia PhotoRee
Dear Colleen:
It's a great idea, as dogs live longer in pairs because of the canine to canine companionship.  Don't worry about splitting time with them, trust me, I am somehow able to do it naturally with 4 because at any given time, at least one of them tags along wherever I am in the house and the others will be sleeping or playing with and occupying each other.  
Good luck!

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