How to Hide A Belly

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There are three easy ways to hide your belly with an outfit so that you don’t have to be insecure when you’re strutting your stuff on Girls Night Out. Honestly, nothing ruins an outfit more than being self-conscience of your stomach so here are 3 ways to and not to go about hiding your bump!

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1.       Peplum

A peplum dress or even a blazer can really help draw attention away from your belly and cover the area that sticks out.  This is great for people who are otherwise slender or in shape but just have difficulty toning and tightening up their mid-section.  It’s totally trendy too, maybe because so many of us have this problem!

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2.       Belts

Wide belts are perfect when it comes to hiding your muffin top in a slim fitting tunic or dress. 

photo by funkomavintagevia PhotoRee
3.       Ruching in Winter

When you wear a top that is long it gives you a more slender torso.  Sweater dresses are huge this winter, so make sure you look for a ruched midsection in any dress you want to wear.  It helps mask that muffin top and belly pouch. 

1.       Wear a babydoll top.   It makes you look pregnant, if you aren’t of course!
2.       Wear a tight top that shows all your curves when you want to hide some of them.  If you want to wear a belt over it fine but if theres more bumps and lumps, ditch it!
3.       Short Tops that make your belly uber noticeable are a huge no no!  I don’t wear crop tops or anything that is above my zipper in my jeans.  

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