Awesome Father's Day Ideas

Monday, June 13, 2016

Father's Day is Sunday, the 19th this year so with a week left to spare you can either run out, grab a card and a generic gift and be done with it OR you can check out the ideas below that I'm sure any dad will appreciate.

If you have a dad that loves the outdoors, consider going on a day long fishing trip. You can look for kayak/canoe rentals at state parks near you and spend the day on the water.  It's great bonding time.

If you have a dad that loves sports, consider going to see a local team play.  Minor league baseball is ALWAYS a fun time.

Who can go wrong with food?  And if your dad is like mine and isn't a huge fan of going out - COOK!!! No dad can resist a grilled steak with some potatoes and veggies! 

If your dad loves the same type of films as you - head to the movies for a date with your dad!

See? In 4 quick examples I just gave you some great ideas!!!

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  1. these are great ideas


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