Libraries, Gardening, and Adulting - My Weekend

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Okay so how long has it been since YOU'VE been at a public library?  If you're like me and you don't have kids than it's probably been a while.   Well, there's a library 2 minutes from my house so I figured why not. 

The strangest thing was when I walked in and got situated, I was all shy and nervous using the computer catalog system, just like a person getting used to equipment at a gym.  It was hilarious actually.   Then as I made my way through each aisle the realization hit me - why the hell do I always buy books for $20-30 when I can "rent" them.

Well, I also forgot how much of a speed reader I am.  I read 5 books in 5 days, ha.

Lately I've been reading Jennifer Weiner books.   What fiction authors do you like or what books do you recommend? I need to start a list!

I also finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black on my ipad.  NO SPOILERS please, for the sake of the people that may not have seen it yet!

So anyways I've been doing some major adulting lately.   I have been drinking wine and reading my library books, just like a little old lady. 

As for my garden...I'm ecstatic because I've created life.  I have peppers starting on my pepper plants and even zucchinis!!!   I think I may have seen a baby cucumber or two!!! I feel like such a hardcore gardener now, ha!

So anyways what have you guys been up to lately? Are you adulting as much as I am?

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  1. Look at you! Gardening, drinking wine.....following right along in my footsteps, haha!

  2. I have been planing on were I'm going to put everything in my new place.

  3. 👋🏽 hello from your latest reader!! I found you on Pinterest & loved your "5 easy ways to stop living paycheck to paycheck" post. You've really helped boost my budgeting energy back up after falling off for about 3 months. Instead of wallowing, your inspiring to get back at it! & one of the thoughts I had this wk was to join a library! I did buy 2 new books this wk but only cause Amazon had some settlement & put a credit on my account! Lol score!! Are you only into fiction? I just zipped thru "Everything Everything" & it was SO cute. It's young adult & worth a rental! 😊

    1. Ah I am so glad to hear that I helped you! Keep up the good work!! I am into fiction and lots of other stuff too! I def will check out Everything Everything! thanks for the suggestion!


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