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Monday, May 29, 2017

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 Another month, and more books. Plus we are getting into the nicer weather so there's no excuse NOT to head outside and read a good book. So check out the ones I've read recently.

What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler
This was an amazing book about a sexual assault that takes place at a party.   The main character has a new love interest but she can't seem to pin point where he was the night of the party when a fellow classmate was raped.   It's heartbreaking and honest.  A MUST READ!!

The Big Love by Sarah Dunn
This was a Sex and The City style read that basically explores the reality of relationships and when infidelity occurs.   It was comical and witty but also had a serious edge.  A nice, easy read.

Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan
This was a great read, rather long but I loved the real life references. it's basically about a kid that becomes famous for saving his school from another guy, who has some serious mental health issues.  Intertwined in the whole saga are the everyday dealing of high schoolers to drugs and sex.  

Startup by Doree Shafrir
This is a nice easy read about a few employees of a start up tech company and the scandal that comes in the industry.   One's trying to spread the word of an inappropriate relationship while another is trying to cover it up.  This was an entertaining read that gave me a peek of what it can be like to work in that industry.

Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn
This is one of those amazing feel good novels.   I loved it! It reminded me a lot of a Sex and the City type plot (which is funny because I've totally said that about her last book) where it's a mishmash of a few people and the decisions they make and how some of them intersect. It's also a nice little novel that features happy/unhappy/and scandalous relationships.

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

This is by far one of my favorite books ever and I sure hope they make it into a movie. It reminds me very much of Gone Girl and the twists and turns that don't stop until the very very end.   It's basically about 3 people.   A husband and wife and their friend.  The wife goes missing then turns up dead. The husband and friend fall in love.  But something's not as it seems and to understand what's really going on they have to figure out who they want to trust. 

The Young Wives Club by Julie Pennell
This was an awesome read! It's about 4 women that are young and married and the crap they are dealing with.  It covers everything from marrying an older man, dealing with a husband's secrets, and keeping secrets of your own. A very lighthearted read!

Setting Free The Kites by Alex George 
This book was amazing.   I felt like I was watching it all in a movie as I read.   It's about 2 boys in Middle School in the 70's and how they form a bond.   One of them loses someone in the family first, and in a couple of years the other one loses someone.   They definitely share that in common.   There are some ups and downs during their friendship and even extreme tragedy.   I found it hard to put this book down.   I never wanted it to end.   Bravo to Alex George! What an amazing book!

Always by Sarah Jio
This was a sweet and easy read about a woman who happens upon her ex-boyfriend aka the love of her life on the street as a homeless man.  While she's currently engaged, she has to decide how to help her ex and decide if she wants to continue with her engagement.     

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