[Planning Our Wedding] Guest Book Alternative, Shoes, and Invites

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 So I first told you about our wedding plans here, and then I shared progress on the flowers and save the dates last month. The save the dates were all handed out and I feel super relieved.   I accidentally stopped tracking them though but I'm not stressing because I will be extra careful with tracking the invites and that's what really matters when it comes to inviting people. 

So in April I made a few bits of progress but nothing crazy. 

Yayyyy we finally found our guest book alternative.  I wanted something that would double as decor but still be a sentimental item to us.  So of course when I saw this gorgeous option from Peachwik I was so excited! Each guest will sign a leaf at our reception party.  Then we will be able to display this in our home and it will fit the rest of our decor - DEER ANTLERS!!   You all know of my obsession with anything deer! Plus as more of a minimalist I love the idea that this is a piece of decor that is functional but also has sentimental value.

I found shoes that I love but I found alternatives as well that way I have more comfy options.  Plus these are shoes I can wear for other occassions.  I really just want to be comfy on my big day so I'm so glad I found these shoes at Kohls.

Now the hard work starts. This month I will be working on invitations. They will all be handmade and then I'll put everything together and prepare them to be mailed out in June.   I can't wait to show you these though! I plan to just print out the design I made, glue it on to cardstock and embellish it with mini rhinestones.   The design on the invitations will once again be created by me on Canva, and the supplies came from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Stay tuned next month when I go over so more fun details. 

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  1. What fun! I love your guest book alternative - as a wedding planner I've seen some really cool ideas, it never fails to amaze me how creative people can be!


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