My Favorite Home Decor Items

Monday, February 6, 2023

I love when people round up their favorite items and Amazon is one of my favorite places to get things for around my house so I figured I'd do a roundup of my absolute favorite Amazon finds!

These are amazing and so cheap and they work great! They have little non slip feet on them so they won't slide all over the place in my drawers.  I use them in my office, my vanity, and all over the house. 
This desk is beautiful and the best thing about it is that you can set it up with the drawers on either side depending on the layout of your office space.  The drawers are perfect for storage especially with file folders and although it took a couple hours to put together, it wasn't all that hard. 
This chair is so comfy and it's SO pretty.  It goes perfect with the white desk too.  It also has a high back so it gives you plenty of support. 
I have a few of these plant stands. They're cute and adjustable and super easy to assemble when they arrive.  It's important to keep your plants up off the ground if you have pets too so make sure you grab a few. 
Another great way to keep your plant sup off the ground these come in a 2 pack and are super cute.  Great for the price. 

 I string these on my patio and in my porch.  They are so cute and put off very good light. 

I love the design and these are great for anywhere in your home that you want a small rug that won't slide around. 

These are perfect for any room that you still want to let light in but get a little bit of privacy.  Also if you're a plant person like I am this is perfect for bright indirect light. 

I mean I think everyone needs a safe in their home.  You can cover it up and make it look more decorative by putting a cloth or blanket over it and using it like a display table or end table. 
These are great on patios and in porches. There's so much room for storage and it doubles as seating (obviously a weight limit though) when you're just hanging out.   

Those are just some of my favorite items I've got in the last couple of years from Amazon. Which is your favorite?!

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