Cleaning the Summer Mess this Fall

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


We spend most of our time outdoors in the Summer or on the go traveling. This is great, but when Fall comes around, we tend to notice we've neglected a lot of aspects of keeping the inside of our homes tidy and clean.  Here's some ideas for how to clean the summer mess and aftermath from inside your home.

Clean Your Kitchen 
Go through all of your cupboards as well as your fridge and freezer and check for expired items or items that expire soon. Expiring soon means you should incorporate them into upcoming meal plans.  While your cupboards and fridge are being purged be sure to wipe things down inside before putting everything back.  Also this is the ideal time to do a very thorough cleaning of your counter tops to get all the little crevices and hidden areas that may have grime and grease built up from the last few months.  
Launder Summer Clothing for Storing
Now is the time to take the beach towels, sports apparel and everything else you won't be wearing in the Fall and Winter and laundering them, repairing any holes or frays, and then storing them away till next year. 
Put Papers Away
No one wants to sit inside sorting through paperwork in the Summer, so now is the time to do it. Go through all of the piles of paper clutter and determine what can be thrown out, what needs action right away, and what needs stored away.  Then promptly take action so you have no more papers just laying around in stacks. 
Organize Outdoor Storage Spaces
Garden tools and outdoor toys get lots of use in the warm months and we tend to just hastily put them away when we're done.  Take a day or two to go through all outdoor storage spaces like sheds, garages, porches, and patio storage and get rid of anything you don't need and then neatly organize everything else so you can start fresh next year and easily find what you need.  
Do a Major Dusting
I can almost guarantee you that you have layers of dust inside your home right now because most of the cleaning and prep we did for entertaining this Summer was to our outdoor areas. So get that dust rag out and go top to bottom in every room.  Finish by vacuuming your entire home to get the dust that may have settled onto the floor.  
Wash Your Floors
Your floors likely took a beating from the traffic inside and out of the house the last few months.  Wash any small rugs, use a wet mop on your hard floors, and consider shampooing your carpeted rooms as well.  Also, make sure to vacuum and spot clean your furniture too! 
How are you guys going to be cleaning up the mess from Summer in YOUR homes?

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