Your Fall To Do Productivity To Do List

Monday, September 18, 2023


Fall is here and it's time to get productive so today I'm giving you a list of things to start working on for the next couple of months. Seasonal planning is a great way to stay organized and plan out your activities and responsibilities for the next few months. Do the planning now so the rest is easy!

Plan your holidays
Get a gift list ready to give to others, collect gift ideas from others, and start planning your gift budget.  This will help you set money aside for the next couple of months before you need to start shopping.   Along this same line, if you want to request time off from work, take a few minutes to plan which days around the holidays you want to take off and put your requests in sooner than later.  Reach out to family and ask about the plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can get a head start on menu ideas. 
Decorate for Fall
Go through your decoration storage and get rid of things you no longer wish to decorate with.  Then, start planning your decorations.  Sometimes it helps to make a list of things you still need to buy like fresh Fall blooms, wreaths, and other live decor that may go on your front porch. 
Do a financial check
Make sure you're keeping up with any debt pay down goals, savings goals, and budgeting.  Is your budget balanced? Do you need to reassess?  Now is the time to do that because if you wait till the holidays arrive, it's just too overwhelming, trust me! 
Plan fun activities
Look around for your local events and festivities for Fall and the holidays and then add them to your calendar so you have time to budget for it, as well as invite others along.  Planning things out a month or so ahead of time makes it easier to just enjoy things and then you don't have to worry about double booking your calendar since you'll already know what weekends are free or not.  

Choose some seasonal meal ideas to add to your meal planning
Now is the time to research seasonal recipes that you can incorporate into your meal planning so you an impress your family by switching up what you eat.  I also love adding soups in to my meal planning options in the Fall!
Hopefully these are some good ideas to get you started on planning out your Fall!

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  1. I have already put my fall decor up.


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