How to Enjoy a Night In

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


I'm not an old lady on the outside but inside, I really just love to go to bed early and spend time doing calm and quiet things on the weekends. So if you're like me... here are a few ways to have a perfectly simple little night in.

Choose An Activity
You may not have a ton of choices but I normally choose between a game night or a movie.  Pick your activity and clear your schedules. Let friends know that you aren't available that night!

Limit Phone Usage
If you really want to enjoy a night in, get rid of distractions! That means put away your laptop and tablet and mute your phones!  I actually put mine in the bedroom on the charger so I can't even check it.

Get Your Drink of Choice
Whether it's beer, mocktails, or wine, make sure you stock up on whatever you'd like to indulge in. For me, it's a simple glass of wine and for James it's a simple bottle or 2 of beer. 

Choose Delicious Foods
So this is my favorite part of the night. You can indulge in whatever you like but I love making my own little cheese and cracked board!

This part is so easy because really all you need are some good cheese and cracker options.

My favorite crackers these days are Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps! I like to make little cheese and cracker sandwiches but these are also so delicious to have on their own.  In fact they come in different delicious flavors. 

As for cheese, I love the Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks and the cheese block.   It has a nice nutty flavor and their cheeses are naturally lactose and gluten free which means James can definitely enjoy them!

And the best part is you can munch away without any judgement because it's you and your house.  And if your spouse is there they can do the same.

This is the perfect idea for staying in on super chilly nights or even once the winter hits and it snows.   

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