Rocky's Great News!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You may remember a post I did last year about Rocky being diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease. Well last week was his follow up appointment at the one year mark. He went in to have all the scans, x-rays etc for his heart. And we got great news!

I am super excited to report that Rocky's enlarged heart, while still bigger than normal, has greatly reduced in size as well as the one chamber of heart. The before and after picture shows (at the top) how big his heart was and how it pressed on his windpipe, causing him to cough anytime he was active. He is doing great on heart medicine, I can't hear a murmur, and he is so active and enjoys running around like the crazy man that he is! I could not have asked for better news!! Of course his condition can change at any time, as with anything in a person or pet but early detection has always been key, so that's why I will continue to take him to his yearly heart scans and his quarterly blood pressure/ bloodwork check ups!

Thanks for all your positive thoughts last year and throughout the year!


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