Puplight Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am totally excited to be able to finally post my review on the PupLight!

The whole idea behind the PupLight is to help reduce the number of accidents involving a car hitting a dog at night. Many people feel better walking at night with their companion by their side to offer protection but to we ever think to protect THEM?  Well… now with the PupLight your dog will be very very safe!

The PupLight was named "Best Lighted Dog Product" by the Whole Dog Journal, January 2008.
PupLight was named most "Innovative New Product of 2006" by HGTV and the AC News Gadget Guru.

The Puplight makes dogs visible up to a mile away.  This is because the PupLight is visible from ALL angles and the dog walkers body doesn’t block the light from behind like most other products because the illuminate makes a very visible halo of light. Even if your dog isn’t on a leash..PupLight will keep him safe.
PupLight provides so much light with 3 ultra bright white LEDs.  You can literally see yards ahead of your when you walk him or her on a leash. This way, you can see any animals, foods, dead animals, distractions, etc. that you might encounter on your walk. 

Also, the PupLight helps dogs see way better.  This is especially helpful when they are out in the yard looking for a spot to relieve themselves! 

The PupLight uses AAA batteries so it’s actually much less expensive over time then comparison products.  You can also use rechargeable batteries with it.  The batteries are long lasting (up to 150 hours) and super easy to change.

PupLight was designed with long hair dogs in mind. Much of the light from a lighted collar is covered up by the fur of a long-haired dog. PupLight has a fur guard which keeps the dogs hair away from the light.\

It comes with an easy on easy off adjustable elastic band so it's easy to use. The collar is not attached to the leash so the light stays focused forward.

The light is adjustable and has a rim on top so it doesn't shine in to your dogs or anyone else's eyes.

The bright lights scare away wild animals

PupLight makes your nighttime dog walks safe and enjoyable and makes your dog visible off leash.

I received a PupLight and decided to try it out on Grace. Grace’s nickname is The Guardian. Grace is very protective of me when we are outside at night. She sticks right by my side and if she’s off her leash (very rare) and I’m getting something out of my car, she would circle around the area ensuring it was safe.  Sometimes when I take the trash out at night, I like to bring Grace with. That’s when I throw on her PupLight. Also, Grace and I are not too keen on running into a million people during daylight walks so we prefer the privacy of the dark.  This PupLight has worked wonders for us and I no longer feel nervous on our walks.  Grace was embarrassed at first by the light but after a few days of use, she warmed up to it and it didn’t even bother her at all.  Not to mention, she looks adorable in it! 

The PupLight comes in several different sizes and it only costs $19.95. Seriously, everyone needs to invest in a PupLight!!

Now you can win a PupLight of your own!

Here's how to enter:  4 easy steps!

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This contest starts today (Thursday, May 19th) and will end at 5pm EASTERN on Thursday, May 26th. 

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