Goth/Grunge is Gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

People seem to always assume that people with tattoos are "goth" and wear nothing but black.  Listening to rock music and attending concerts does not make you "gothic".  But if you want to call it that, okay!  Regardless,  the look that I really enjoy is what most people would deem "gothic", "grunge", or "hardcore".  There are tons of celebs out there that dress like this.  Usually layering different pieces, most with holes in them, or see through/lace.  And it's usually grey, black, or more of a plain color. But sometimes, all depends on how you rock it.  Anyways, here are some of my fav looks!

I honestly love the whole hardcore rockstar look.  I think it's easier to put together because you can take simple cheap pieces and combine them and layer them to make a great look.  What do you think?
A major part of this whole look is the ripped jeans/leggings/shorts.  Honestly, it's a great excuse if you really do have some beat up pants that you want to further tear and then rock the night away with, literally!   And when would the "average person" rock a look like those above... well... a concert is a great place.  Not even a big name concert, but a rock show at a local bar or club is the perfect place.  You'll fit right in! Have YOU ever rocked these looks?


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