What's In MY Bag?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've talked about it, and now it's time!  This will be the first What's In Your Bag post.  Please refer to it if you need help doing yours!
My bag is Nicole Lee USA and inside it is:
1. My Coach Wallet - because it has enough pockets to hold all my cards, and it's easy to open and close. That's important to me when I'm rushed at the store.
2. My checkbook.  Because you just never know.
3. Big Sexy Hair hairspray (travel size).  It comes in handy in the humidity, and on windy days.
4. Gum.  I use it to curb hunger cravings.
5. Awesome Leopard Print Sunglasses from Gauddess. They are my favorite animal print and they help keep me from squinting outside since my eyes are so sensitive to light.
6. My HTC Thunderbolt cell phone. Because without it...well...I'd feel naked!
7. My Kindle.  It's loaded with my favorite reading material.
8. Batiste Dry Shampoo (Travel Size) It's perfect for middle of the day when you feel like your hair's getting greasy from sweating, etc.  I truly love this stuff.  Smells great too and leaves no residue!
9. A pen.  Because I always need it when I'm at the bank or for number 10.
10. A note pad for my daily To Do lists which change a million times.
11. PINK Lip Gloss from Victorias Secret.  I love this stuff. It's shimmery but it doesn't make me nauseaus lol!
12. Bodycology Body Spray.  Great for when you are on the go.  I love the smell of this stuff, it reminds me of a perfume but I can't think of which perfume! lol!
13. A Chihuahua change purse.  I don't need to give a reason why. It's self explanatory! And because there's no real change compartment in my Coach wallet.
14.  Ponytail holders.  You never know when you will randomly lose the one on your wrist LOL.
15. A watch from The Trendy Boutique because if I'm not wearing it on my wrist, it's in my bag for when I do put it on.  I take it off to tan and workout.  I love it's bright colors!  My favorite watch yet!

That wraps up the first ever entry for the What's In Your Bag feature!  I am so excited.  I will begin going through all the names I have of everyone else who wishes to participate.  Are you interested in participating? Read below!

1. Send me an email at Ellenr886@gmail.com
2. I will confirm your name on the list and I will contact you a few weeks before your post is due.

1. You must submit a photograph of reasonable quality that shows your handbag laying down (as if spilled) with 10-15 items "spilling out" of it.
2. The items must be easy to view.
3. You must provide me with the brand of your handbag (if there is one).
4. You must provide me with an itemized list of the items in your bag along with a description next to each one of what the item is for and why you carry it with you.
5. This does not need to be your actual current bag.  You can certainly pick your favorite bag, and fill it with a few of your favorite things and products.
6. You must provide me with your first name. *You can also use an alias in order to remain anonymous*
7. You may also (not required) provide me with a photograph of you, a blurb about yourself, a link to your blog or website, and a blurb about your blog or website.

1. Exposure for your blog
2. 5 bonus entries into the Giveaway of your choice!!
3. You can sign up over and over again. There is no limit to how many different posts you can do!

Copy and Paste Code

Please post the above button in a blog entry on your blog if you would like to spread the news!!


  1. That chihuahua is a change purse? That is too funny! I really like your Nicole Lee bag. Looks like you can fit a lot in there. Does it have outside pockets? That is a must for me!

  2. lol im just now noticing how much green i have haha! anyways theres a back pocket but thats all! its a great bag tho. very strappy!

  3. Hi Ellen,
    I just stopped by to follow you from KY Klips Blog. I have learned that we share a love of chihuahuas! Love the pictures of your babies on here. There are a few of mine scattered throughout my blog. I have 2 while chihuahua--Chiquita Bonita a 6 year old Applehead and Bella an almost 2 year old Chihuhua with ???( we think she has a bit of terrier or whippet). Love my babies!

  4. Very nice!! Makes mine look even worse! LOL! Love it!

  5. Those shades are HOT!! Love 'em. And I adore chihuahuas too. I'm looking forward to sharing what's in my bag. Alot of JUNK! lol


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