Comfort Zone Pets Review

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Comfort Zone Pets is for both dogs and cats but today I am going to discuss the dog aspect, since I have 3 dogs and I used this for them.  My one Chihuahua Grace tends to get stressed out when there are a lot of people over or if it’s unusually loud.  She gets anxious, paces, and whines.  So when I received a Comfort Zone Diffuser and three refills (a three month supply) I was thrilled.  It’s been only 2 months and I already see a change with Grace.

The way the diffuser works is that it emits pheromones which are used in nature between animals to communicate.  When animals receive the signals from pheromones they smell, it has an involuntary behavioral effect on them.  The pheromones in from Comfort Zone pets are appeasing.  They mimic the pheromones secreted by nursing mother dogs that send a signal of comfort and safety to their puppies.  This means that when Grace senses the pheromone from my diffuser, she starts to feel secure and comfortable.  This makes her stop whining and relax and stop pacing around in circles.

I also noticed something with Stella.  Stella has been having accidents on a regular basis in the same spot.  It’s usually in the morning.  I wake up to find she decided to go number 2 NOT on her pee pad.  I know that when you have multiple dogs they do this to claim their own territory, since the pee pads might be taken over by Pixie and Grace.  Stella probably feels she has to do it some place different. After about a month of using the diffuser, Stella stopped marking.  This means that she no longer felt nervous or anxious about having to make her presence known.  I can’t smell the diffuser at all, it’s totally unnoticed to me.  But obviously, it’s having a positive impact on my dogs! 

I am so thrilled that this solved problems I didn’t even know they had!! I have one more month’s supply then I’ll look into purchasing another few refills.

You can find Comfort Zone products at Petsmart, petco, and several other retailers.  Here is a $10 coupon
My Advice: If something like this won't help your pet's behavioral issues, it's a good idea to see a professional trainer, or ask your vet if there could be an existing medical condition.
I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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