Even Celebs Mix Fashion with Comfort on the go!

Friday, November 4, 2011

We all have those moments where we realize we need to go pick up a prescription, run to the post office, or grab some sugar or milk, but do we ever bother to look at how we are dressed when we leave?  To me, it doesn't matter. If I need to run an urgent errand, I'll do it.  Of course, that's always when I see someone I know and I feel obligated to explain my half pajama/half sweat pants get up.  Well these celebs sure know how to work out... whether they are going to the gym, with their kids, or just plain pregnant... they can mix style AND comfort!

Jennifer Garner showed us how it's done this week when she was running errands with her daughter Violet.  She's pregnant, so she made sure to wear a loose fitting, comfortable shirt.  But she added some sass to it with a pair of black skinny jeans and boots over top.  Can't go wrong with black or with boots!!!  Nicely done Jennifer!

On her way to the gym, Ashley Tisdale stayed comfortable in sneakers and yoga capris with a loose fitting top.  She kept her hair out of her face with a cute casual pony tail up do. I love her!

Hilary Duff, dressed as if Jennifer's Pregnancy and Ashley's workout outfit combined, kept it casual on the way to the gym with yoga capris, an athletic top, latered with a white tee.  The layered look is nice and casual. 

Stay Stylish Ladies!!

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