DOOG (Dog Owners Outdoor Gear) Review

Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOOG is a website for pet owners that offers a line of dog walking products and products you will use when outdoors or on the go with your dog. But best of all, these products are useful and convenient to humans as well.  So it takes care of 2 major needs with one product!  DOOG stands for Dog Owners Outdoor Gear.

For instance, you know how when you go on a walk, you have to bring your keys, your phone, your water bottle, and whatever else you may need? Yea, it’s a pain isn’t it? Having to lug all that stuff along and find a pocket for it.  Well DOOG has an amazing solution to that...  Walkie Belts

 Walkie Belts fit comfortably across your waist and free up your hands so it’s easier to hold your dog’s leash and control them.  You can also carry a clean up bag, money, treats, and anything else you might need!  Even an ipod!  The Walkie Belt comes with:
An iPod clip
20 Tiday bags
2 pockets for holding keys, phone, money, treats
20 antibacterial scented hand wipes (yes, you know what it’s for!)
A tennis ball holder (black version only)
A carabiner for attaching your dogs leash to it.

I received a Walkie Belt and boy did it come in handy especially because I have 3 dogs, all of whom always walk at different paces.  Instead of switching hands and turning in circles I was able to attach two of the leashes of the slow walkers to my Walkie Belt, and just hold Grace’s leash (my speed demon) and control her better. This was such a relief.  It made walking more relaxing and less frustrating. 

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I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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