January Fitness + Health Update

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

So last time I blogged about my health and fitness I talked about how I was on a new journey and how I was working out consistently every day.

So now that I mastered working out as a regular habit I've cut it back to every other day.  I do my weight training (routine here) and my elliptical (routine can be found here) consistently and I still struggle.  Even though all I have to do is go to my basement, that almost makes it even easier to just back out.  I literally go through a huge battle with myself in my head each day that I need to workout where I try to convince myself that it's okay if I skip it because I just don't feel like doing it.

In the end, I still get my ass in gear and I feel so proud afterwards.

So on that front everything has been great.  When it comes to food however, the holidays really threw me off.  I did so good but ended up caving over New Year's so I started all over and whipped my ass into gear.   Thanks to that, I dropped a whole pound in just under 3 weeks. 

I also tried out a free app for a 30 Day Arm Challenge but I got bored with it. 
Weight wise, in total I lost 2 more pounds since mid December. Not too shabby for a gradual lifestyle change. I am really watching my diet now so I can lose some more inches in the next month and a half for bridesmaid dress fittings for my best friend's wedding.  So I'm using that as my goal!   Check back in a month to see more on how I did.  I'm hoping I lose 3-4 pounds!

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