How My Dogs Celebrate Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Obviously I don't have children but that doesn't mean I don't have "kids" celebrating Christmas in my house every year.   Yes, that's right the dogs get gifts for Christmas!    So anyways, in case you were wondering - here's how my pups celebrate the holidays.

Santa Photos
This is a tradition that started when Pixie was just 2 years old.  She enjoyed visiting people and pets at the local pet stores and I'd always get her photo taken.  Over the years Grace has basically let it be known that she isn't a fan of photos with Santa so I usually just take Pixie and Stella.  However, this year we may have to skip it altogether because I'm just too darn busy on the days Santa's in town for them.

Stockings Hung
My pups each have their own stocking complete with a photo of themselves on it.  Every year on Christmas morning I make them open the gifts inside.  They seem to enjoy it even though they get confused and try to open each others. 

Gifts Galore
I also give them several wrapped gifts.  This year their gifts mainly include treats.  I'm especially excited about Tylee's Jerky from Chewy. These are 100% pork sirloin and they are great when I have to give the dogs something to occupy them and keep them out of my way if I'm cooking or cleaning or have company over. Sometimes I tear them into little pieces and use them as training rewards. These are human-grade too which means I basically would enjoy them if I decided I wanted a snack. LOL! ;-)   The dogs already love jerky type treats and I just want to keep them happy and healthy!

Christmas Dinner
My gang LOVES eating different during the holidays.  I usually spoil them by giving them different food and this year it's Victor Canned Food from Chewy! I went with the beef and veggie entrĂ©e in this all natural food. It's packed with vitamins and minerals so I know my gang will have a nice nutritious dinner. Rocky is my pickiest eater and I am confident he'll have no issues devouring this.   I tested some out with them and mixed it in with their regular food and it was gone in 10 seconds!

How do your four-legged kids celebrate the holidays?

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  1. Oh my god Ellen the santa photos are too cute hahaha I love their little faces (and tongue) lol... may have to start this tradition with the big three.

    1. You totally should. It makes it that much more enjoyable this time of year


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