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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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White Bodies by Jane Robins

This was a very interesting read about a sister who is worried that her twin is in an abusive relationship.  She's a snoop by nature and she uncovers some scary things about what's really going on in her sister's relationship.  Then someone ends up dead and as you read you feel like anyone could have done it! Great twist at the end too!

The River at Night by Erica Ferencik
This was a great and easy read about 4 women that decide to go on a treacherous white water rafting excursion, wreck, and end up stranded. There are a few horrific tragedies that occur while they are stranded and it's a fight for survival.   Great thrilling book by an author I never heard of before this book. 

When We Were Worthy by Marybeth Whalen

This book was about a town named Worthy and follows the different stories and viewpoints of several people involved in a tragedy, a scandal, and some other really sad but realistic things.   Everyone seems to intersect in some way and it shows how they are all impacted after the main tragic event.

The Child by Fiona Barton
This interesting read covers the lives of several people as an infant's body is discovered in their town.  One of them is the mother, one of them is a reporter, and one of them has a special involvement. I love how this book twists and turns.

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
This book is amazing and there's even a Netflix movie about it. It's a book that tells the story of a white family back in the 40's when black people were still disrespected.   Two brothers butt heads and everything comes to a big explosion when one of them gets too friendly with a local black man.  This is a great book about racism and poverty and struggling to make ends meet with back breaking work. 

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan
This book kind of takes place in a distant future where there is no longer a line between religion and politics.   It's like everyone is brainwashed by religion.  And if you commit a crime like Hannah, the main character (She had an abortion after having an affair with a married priest), your punishment is that you are stained red all over your skin for a certain duration of time.   Hannah and her friend Kayla are trying to find a new world and a better life.

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  1. Loved the book "The River at Night". Everything you don't expect to happen does in this fast paced adventure facing four best friends in the Maine wilderness.

  2. Ellen it was so fun to see that you are a Chi lover!!!!!! I use to raise these darling delicate dogs. Oh, they are so loving and special.
    Happy New Year! Jo

  3. I always love good book suggestions!! My kindle is pretty packed right now but I'm taking note of these! Happy new year, Ellen!


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