My Festive (& Funny) Weekend

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ohhhh man, so this weekend was interesting. Let's start with the important part.  I got to see my blogger bestie Monica from Jersey Girl Texan Heart again.  She lives in Jersey so every couple of months we meet up halfway at a restaurant.  This time we chose one called Apollo Grill in Bethlehem.   Now remember neither of us are from around there.  So it's like a whole new world for us. Well of course it's so close to Christmas so traffic in the city was nuts but we both somehow found parking in a garage and met up and walked to the restaurant. Apparently it was some Christmas weekend thing in the city because Apollo was backed and it was only lunch time!  So we asked if there were any seats and the girl showed us to 2 seats at the bar. 
I ordered a salad which was okay but a little soggy.
For dessert I got chocolate peanut butter cake!

But I noticed we weren't getting served as quickly (maybe because we were at the bar but didn't order drinks? I don't know).  The girl asked us if we needed forks with our dessert and I said yes, thank you.  And she said You're welcome.  Then walked away. No utensils.  So we waited almost 5 minutes for her to notice us waving her down to get utensils.  Then they seemed annoyed that we were still there (It was honestly an hour TOPS!) so we hurried up and got our check which was asked her to separate.  When she brought it to us she had literally just divided it by 2.  So even though one of us got more food, we both had to pay. No biggie because I don't mind but it's the principle of it.  But yea, they seemed super annoyed with us still being there. So we got our stuff and left but not before taking a goofy selfie in the bathroom mirror (the first pic in this post) and giggling to each other saying "We are sooo not hyperlinking this place on our blog".

Now I know it's a busy time of year but we both drove over ninety minutes to get there so it would have been nice if we had a little bit better service.   

After we left we walked back to the garage which was freezing cold and did our gift exchange there. Thanks a lot Apollo Grill, you suck! Yes I'm petty and bitter, lol! Anyways my gift from Monica was a Chihuahua mug and a Chihuahua ornament which was neatly wrapped inside the mug.  The funny thing is my gift to Monica was a blanket and a mug with an ornament inside!  We are seriously cut from the same cloth!

So after I got home I started to make a gingerbread house.  Yea, I know, I don't have kids but hey I can still act like one right?   This was my first time and man was I impatient so I kind of half-assed it.

At first I cared a lot and then I was like ehhh I'm gonna eat it this week anyways so it doesn't need to be perfect.  So here's my gingerbread house from every angle.

Next year I think I'll make one much earlier in the month and I'll really put my all into it.

Do you guys make gingerbread houses? Do you use them just as decoration or do you tear them down to eat?

On a more fun note, I went and got a Powder Dip Manicure from a new nail spot in Camp Hill called Sally Nails. I'm feeling lazy so if you want to know what that kind of manicure is, GOOGLE IT! Just kidding, but I'll try to explain a little bit. So apparently these are better for your nails and last much longer!  I'm hoping for 5 weeks.  They cost a little more (This French manicure set was $40) and take maybe an extra 15-20 minutes to do.    Oh and Sally Nails is an adorable place and they gave all their clients Christmas gifts.  Inside my gift bag was a bottle of olive oil lotion. Smells so good!

Okay anyways... 

So the powder dip thing...basically they paint your nail with this stuff then dip your finger into powder, shake it off and wait a couple minutes for it to dry.  They do it several times repeating the process and then boom you're done.  I seriously had a great time getting it done and I'm hoping it lasts a long time so stay tuned!  

What did you guys do this weekend? I saw a lot of people baking Christmas Cookies so if you did, send me some!

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  1. That stinks about your restaurant, at least you had good plates even if you were without silverware lol

    1. Lol yea if the food was horrible it woulda been game over!

  2. Sorry about the restaurant, but that cake does look delicious. The house came out it will taste good!

  3. I used to get those manicures also....with a French I could get a month out of it, but with the colors less time because you see the grow out more. The powder might not be bad for your nails but unfortunately the acetone they use to soak them off beat the heck out of my poor nails. Oh well, I liked them when I was getting them done, and then I decided I needed to give my nails and my wallet a break, ha ha!! Your gingerbread house is adorable!

    1. So did you ever go and get them "filled in"? ANd if so , do they remove them each and every time? I get what u mean tho for sure. That acetone is no joke!! I just don't know what to expect lol. I think ill keep getting French to get my moneys worth. And thank you I was quite proud of my dinky g-bread house ha!


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