How To Organize Photos

Monday, May 30, 2022


 Photos have so many memories connected to them but the problem is, over the course of our lifetime, we will accumulate so many and then going to find the one you want can take forever so today I'm giving you some advice on how to organize photos whether it's digital or printed ones. 

First thing is first and that's the fact that you need to go through your photos one by one whether they are print or digital.  Get rid of any you don't want.  I had photos from my entire childhood that I would take on those disposable cameras we all used to have and there were photos I took of a random building or the sky, that honestly, I didn't need to keep.  Photos like that can go.  
Now you need to decide what way to categorize your photos.  Is it by year?  By type of photos like vacation or holidays?  Do what works best for you.  I choose to do it by year for both digital and print.  When I did it by year for print, I'd write a note on the divider card I had for that year that also included a quick summary of the types of events I had photographs of, that way if I'm looking for one and can't remember the year, my notes will help. For digital photos, I have photos for each year, then photos for categories (dogs, birthday, etc.)  and that's worked well for me so figure out what makes the most sense for yourself. When working with printed photos, make piles of every different category.  You will need a good working space for this so using your bed isn't the best idea.  Perhaps make a day of it and use your dining room table so you can take breaks without worrying about what happens to your piles.
Once you have purged and categorized, you will need to figure out how to store your photos. If you're doing it digitally, that's great but consider backing up your photos as well.  If your computer ever gets a virus or has something wrong with it and needs to be reimaged, you can lose your files and photos.  Get an external hard drive or consider using a cloud backup service.   For print photos, there's so many options.  I have a shoebox and I made my own dividers with cardstock.  There are plastic photo organizers you can get with little plastic holders for each category.  The possibilities are endless but the key is to do what will make it easiest for you to find one specific photo out of your entire collection.
How do you currently organize your digital or print photos?

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