Easy Ways to Save Money on Hobbies

Monday, July 11, 2022


People tend to spend a lot of money unnecessarily when it comes to their hobbies and most of the time it's just because they aren't thinking of how to cut corners and save money.  We focus on saving money on stuff like our household bills, subscriptions, clothing, and food, but what about the fun stuff we do to fill our free time? Well here are some ways to save money based on different hobbies.

For the Book Lover
Listen, I love reading books just as much as the next person, but it can be a very expensive hobby.  But there is a super easy way to save money on books and that's by joining a library near you which is free! You will have access to all the books you want.  You can even digitally borrow library books on a Kindle or e-reader.  Of course you can still buy your most favorite books, especially reference books or any book you know you'll read again and again.  But you don't have to pay money to read.  And you don't need to fill your home with books you'll never read again.  Take advantage of your local library! 
For the Crafter
Crafting can be a very expensive hobby regardless of what kind of crafts you enjoy.  But there are several ways to save money with crafts. If you enjoy scrapbooking, instead of spending money on paper material at the store, try to reuse things you already have. I've used tissue paper that I received in a gift bag when I was making a scrapbook project the other year.  Save the tiny scraps of paper too and find creative ways to use them.  If you are interested in creating things like clothing, blankets, etc., look online for people giving away supplies for it or selling it for just a few bucks.  Look at yard sales.  Ask friends if they have yarn they can swap with you.    

Repurposing is also super fun.  I use empty food jars to store craft supplies and have even used it for crafts I've made.  I painted a jar that I used for a faux bouquet rather than buying a pretty painted one at the store.  Use old magazines to clip your favorite sayings, words, and pictures.  I use beautiful home decor or nature magazine spreads as backgrounds for some of my projects.  

For the Gardener
Gardening can get pretty expensive between the supplies, getting new soil, pretty pots, and of course the flowers and veggies themselves.  Look for seed swaps in your area or on local marketplace sites for people that have excessive amounts of seeds they're looking to give away.  Learn how to care for your plants so they last for years (if they are perennials).  Look for the clearance items that look a bit damaged or dried out when you're at the garden center.  If you know what you're doing, you can easily save them.  Propagate houseplants when you can and swap them with friends for other plants you want. Save the seeds from your annual flowers so you can plant them next year instead of purchasing all new plants.  

For the Fitness Lovers
You can find so many different instructional fitness routines online for free and play videos that you follow along with.  When it comes to equipment look for secondhand stuff people are selling (or giving away).  Use household items instead of purchasing new things.  I've used heavy books as weights and gotten really creative with stuff like that.  I used to use a beach towel to stretch my legs instead of getting exercise bands.  Instead of spending money on a treadmill or an elliptical, go outside for your runs and walks.  

For the Food and Drink Lovers
Some people enjoy trying new restaurants and wineries/breweries.  Look for coupons and deals online.  Join rewards programs and find local events where you can sample new food and drink.  Instead of going out to eat, teach yourself a new recipe and invite some friends over to enjoy.  
These are just some suggestions.  But reading through these, I hope I can get your brain focused on being clever with saving money for whatever hobbies you indulge in. Enjoy!

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