How To Declutter Your Bathroom

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Since I've been doing so many declutter posts lately, I figured I had to include the bathroom since many of us have small spaces to work with and it can get quite messy.  So today, I'm going to explain to you how to declutter a bathroom. 

Remove Everything
As always, you want to remove everything so you have it all sitting out and you can see ALL of what you normally store in your bathroom. This means anything stored in the shower or bath itself, on shelves, in cabinets, and on the counter.  
Sort and Purge
Sort all of the like items together. Anything for haircare, daily use, skincare, overstock supplies, medications, and first aid should be sat together as you sort.   Then you want to go through each grouping and purge.  First take items that don't belong in the bathroom and set them aside for you to put back where they belong later.  Then you want to cut down on how many duplicates you have.  You might not need 5 of the same shampoo on the edge of your shower, so keep one out and set the others aside to go where you will store overstock supplies.  Then you want to get rid of anything broken, old, and anything you'll never use.  Do you really need 5 of the exact same comb? Maybe, but maybe not.
Designate Zones
When you see everything you have, you want to start designating zones in your bathroom.  If you have a lot of skincare products or haircare products, decide where you will store them all together.  Maybe you can put them in a bin under the sink or on their own shelf in the medicine cabinet.  This makes it easier for you to find what you need and to put it back where it belongs for next time.  

Put Everything Back
Now you can start putting things away and as you go you can think of storage solutions.  You can corral certain items in a bin that's easy to grab and place on the counter when you need to use something from it.  This is also a way to keep your counters clear.  When you have counters that aren't cluttered it makes them much easier to clean on a regular basis because you have less things to move.  Oh and before you put everything back, make sure you've cleaned everything first. Wipe dust from products, scrub the sink and counters, and wipe down shelves and drawers. 

And organized and decluttered bathroom looks great when guests are over but also makes it easier for you to get ready for your day in the morning. 

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