Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Road Trip: The Perfect Way To Relax Together

Friday, October 21, 2022

A road trip to Dallas to watch the NFL Thanksgiving game hosted by the Dallas Cowboys sounds like an amazing idea if you want to spend this American holiday with your family in a stress-free way. By driving, your kids will be able to get plenty of sleep in the car, the road trip will be safe, and you'll get to enjoy plenty of family bonding time together with no pressure on the big day itself. You don't even have to worry about cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home — just ask your hotel concierge to prepare you a nice turkey dinner at the hotel restaurant!

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Packing tips

Whether you're road-tripping with the family, heading out for a one-night trip with the gals, or taking a couple of guys to a football game, we've got packing tips for you. Packing can be tough, especially if you are not organized about it.

If you know you are going to be on the road for a while before reaching your destination, you want to ensure you've got enough to entertain your passengers. Packing individually wrapped snacks is a great way of fighting off the hunger monster without making a mess in the car.

Additionally, you want to bring your best Thanksgiving fan outfit for the game.

Where to stay

Dallas isn't necessarily a city to stay in while watching the NFL on Thanksgiving. But, with some research, you can find an ideal place. If possible, choose a location near one of the big three sports venues—the American Airlines Center (home of the Dallas Mavericks), AT&T Stadium (home to the Dallas Cowboys), and Globe Life Park in Arlington (where the Texas Rangers play). Watching football games at these places will give you access to public parking lots, tailgating areas, and entertainment zones.

Airbnb hosts have so many different options for football lovers, with accommodations within walking distance of the iconic Cowboys Stadium.

Dining tips in Dallas

Celebrate your first Thanksgiving without needing to cook for everyone. Relax and book a table at one of the delicious restaurants in town. Dallas is home to some of Texas' best steakhouses, including Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, which is an ideal spot for a casual and yummy lunch together.

But there's plenty for families who prefer something different. If you want to see Dallas in all its holiday glory and enjoy a holiday dinner as a family, there are several great dining options that can be found on your way. And yes, it is possible to eat out on Thanksgiving.

Get outdoors after the game

Football games are a lot of fun, and the Thanksgiving Day game is particularly exciting. However, what comes after the game often ends up being less enjoyable. Sitting around the table with family and friends to eat a meal typically isn't as much fun as sitting around in your living room watching football. What if you didn't have to choose? Dallas has plenty of exciting outdoors spots, such as the Dallas Zoo, the Arboretum, the Nasher Sculpture Center's garden, and the Trinity Forest Adventure Park. Start planning a family holiday that celebrates the game itself but leaves plenty of time for some relaxing outdoors time afterward, too.

Why stress out about Thanksgiving plans when you can enjoy a friendly game with a fun team in Dallas? You can still buy your tickets for the games online and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Dallas with your family.

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