Deep Clean with this Ultimate Home Deep Cleaning Checklist

Monday, October 3, 2022


If you are looking to burn some calories, kill some time stuck inside the house, and get your house neat and tidy, look no further because today I put together the ultimate checklist for deep cleaning your home based on what I do in my own home.  You can pretty much do these things with the supplies you already have so no need to go buy anything else.  Also, if you aren't sure how to tackle something, look it up online for easy tutorials to follow!

Dust corners, molding, and any other surfaces top to bottom
Wipe down walls
Clean mirrors
Clean light bulbs
Clean vent covers
Scrub floors
Scrub tub and shower
Clean grout
Disinfect and clean toilet inside and out 
Clean trash can inside and out
Wipe down cabinets
Wash shower curtain and liner
Disinfect light switches
Clean and descale faucet and shower head
Clean trash can inside and out
Dust high and low on every surface
Clean lighting fixtures
Wash windows
Wash curtains on any windows
Clean vent hood and filter
Clean and organize fridge
Clean and organize freezer
Wipe down pantry door and cupboards
Wipe out drawers and reorganize 
Clean all small appliances
Wash floor
Clean stove top and burners
Deep clean dishwasher
Clean and declutter under the sink
Remove anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen 
Wipe counters clean
Wipe walls and backsplash
Dust all surfaces high and low 
Wipe down walls
Wash windows
Launder bedsheets and curtains
Clean lights
Clean baseboards and ceiling fans
Vacuum behind furniture and under furniture
Clean lampshades
Launder throw pillows
Dust and clean wall decor
Polish wood furniture
Living Room and Dining Room 
Vacuum under furniture and in cushions
Wipe down walls
Vacuum and clean ceiling fans and lamp shades
Polish all wood
Dust electronics and all picture frames and wall decor 
Disinfect light switches and commonly touched areas
Wash windows
Launder throw pillows, blankets, and curtains

Office or Playroom Spaces
Declutter and put away loose items
Remove items that don't belong in these spaces
Dust high and low
Clean light fixtures 
Polish wood furniture
Vacuum under all furniture 
Wipe down walls
Wash windows

Whole House
Wash all exterior windows
Sweep all walkways
Clean all vent covers
Pick up clutter 

These are things I do every few months. It feels so good when it's all done and you will burn a lot of calories doing these things! 

So tell me what areas you cover when you do a deep clean? 

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