It's Not Just for Spring: Home Rennovation for Every Season

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Image by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard of spring cleaning, a once-a-year ritual to reset your home. But have you considered bringing the same organization into every season? Spring is not the only time you can sort out all those household problems you've been ignoring and then enjoy a new habitat. Read on to find out ways you can make your house a home, every single season.

Winter Jobs

Winter is a great time to prepare your home for summer and do those tasks that you don’t want to be waiting for.

Seek out ac repair services so you are prepared for a heatwave. In summer you want to be enjoying your outdoor spaces, you don’t want to be losing access to them so do repairs to patios, and lay the floors.

Defrost that freezer in winter too! It is recommended you defrost your freezer at least once a year, if not more.

Winter is the best time to do this as it is cold enough to leave food outside. Although it’s always best to run down the freezer before doing a defrost. November would be an ideal month just before you start getting in all those Christmas nibbles!

Summer Servicing

Summer is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the warmer weather and tackle the jobs that you've been delaying due to the cold.

This is a really good time to get your boiler serviced or think about a replacement. You might also want to think about windows in the house if you want to be replacing the glazing as you don't want to be missing these things in colder weather.

It's also a great time for things like airing rugs or cleaning curtains, where you can take advantage of the sunshine to hang your soft furnishings outside.

Spring and Autumn Deep Cleans

These seasons are a good time for a refresh, they also happen to be quieter times for our homes, where we no longer have Christmas celebrations or summer BBQs and so more opportunities to catch up on those jobs.

Spring and Autumn are good times for jobs you need to do in good dry weather, like painting the house but don’t want to take away from your precious time outdoors.

You can download this free spring cleaning checklist to help you tick off what to do. You can also check out some ways to prepare your yard and home exterior in Spring

Fall Nesting

Autumn is also a great time to make your house lovely and cozy - known as ‘fall nesting’ Just as the animals prepare to hibernate, you too can make your home a cozy oasis as the chilly nights settle in. It's a wonderful opportunity to switch up your home decor, and take time to develop hobbies like painting or sewing that can bring a personal touch.

Final Thoughts

Looking after your home and keeping everything going smoothly is a constant job but it doesn’t have to be hard. A Little each season will make sure you don’t ever end up with catastrophic problems or things breaking right when you need them most.

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