3 Tips For Installing Water Features In Your Backyard

Friday, April 21, 2023

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Having a bare backyard provides several exciting opportunities to transform the space. Certain factors come to mind, but before work begins, it’s important to think carefully and consider various factors for backyard design. Cost is one such factor, especially when you might pay as much as $7,500 for a basic water fountain in your backyard. Below are three top considerations before installing water features in your backyard.

Location and size

While you can choose any water feature design, your location and backyard size will determine if it’s the right one. The topography will also matter because certain designs require special land elevation or slope to come out right. An experienced water feature installation professional can easily tell if the location of your house makes a particular style feasible. Usually, an expert will look for trees and plants that offer ample shade in the summer to find a convenient spot that provides comfort at all times of the day. If your frontage blocks out much of the sun, the water feature installation company will factor that into the planning and designing process.

Additionally, choose design options that complement your limited space if the backyard is small. If it’s bigger, a design that makes ample use of the wide area will do.

Maintenance and upkeep

Your schedule can play a crucial role in the kind of water feature you can install in your backyard, as such features usually require regular maintenance. If you have a busy work schedule and nobody at home to carry out routine tasks in the backyard, it would help to consider other options like a bird bath installation because it doesn’t require a filter or pumps. Every water feature installation will require removing debris, cleaning the water and sometimes, adding chemicals to maintain its crystal-clear quality. If you’re going for something bigger, like a pond or medium-sized waterfall, you should be ready for regular maintenance if you can afford it. Better yet, you can have experts do that for you. Some pond contractors offer added services, including routine maintenance, to resolve any problem you might have about it.

Budget and cost

It’s one thing to wish for a water feature installation in your backyard, and it’s another to have the funds for it. Fortunately, each design has a budget to fit different pockets. Researching which ones you can afford to have installed in your backyard would be best. It's worth noting that the cost goes beyond purchasing the materials and final installation. You must also factor other hidden costs like repairs, maintenance, and replacement into your budget. This way, you will have full knowledge of the actual cost of the water feature. Have you considered the long-term value of the water feature you want to be installed? How would it improve the overall value of your home in the next five to ten years if you decide to sell? That is a vital consideration to make before committing funds to the installation.

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