6 Various Reasons Why People Acquire Gold

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Gold is an attractive yellow precious metal that has long been coveted; it is the very foundation of global wealth with the world of commerce and trade built on gold reserves. Gold (Au) has unique properties and due to its rarity, gold is the number one commodity on the planet.

Here are a few reasons people acquire gold.


Gold Jewellery

Both men and women love to wear elegant gold jewellery; it is estimated that 25% of all gold found was used in the making of gold jewellery. Gold purity is measured in the karat system; the system uses 24 parts, pure gold is 24k, meaning that every part of the precious metal is 99.99% pure, while 18k consists of 18 parts gold and 6 parts of alloy metal. Gold jewellery has hallmarks to determine the purity and 24k gold is very soft and malleable, making it unsuitable for jewellery.

Gold Is A Form Of Investment

Many private investors acquire gold ingots and they go to reputable gold sellers Brisbane or other cities around the world; a quick online search would lead you to a leading reputable gold bullion dealer near you. Gold is relatively stable and is used by investors as a hedge against inflation. Bar sizes range from 10g to 1000g, and it’s best to take physical possession of any gold that you purchase. Most investors have some gold in their portfolio and when the economy tanks, that is a good time to move your wealth into gold bullion. You can use Google to research gold’s performance over the past 5 years and by forging an alliance with a reputable gold bullion dealer, you have access to the real-time gold markets.

Collecting Gold Coins

Many people merge their hobby with their investment portfolio and collect gold coins. Popular coins include the American Eagle, American Buffalo, Australian Kangaroo and the Canadian Maple Leaf. If you collect gold coins for a couple of decades, you would have an impressive collection that is highly valued.

Gold For A Marriage Dowry

This is very popular in Asian cultures when the groom would present the bride with gold, cash and possibly gemstones. The gold might be presented in the form of jewellery and in some cases, the wedding dowry is returned to the couple after the ceremony to assist them in setting up a home.


Certain products contain small amounts of gold; computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs all have minute amounts of this precious metal. Scientific equipment often contains gold, due to its conduction properties and many digital connectors are made from gold. You might be wondering why copper is not used, which would be much cheaper, the reason is that gold can handle higher temperatures without losing conductivity.

The Perfect Gift

Who wouldn’t love to be given some gold on their birthday? Jewellery is an obvious choice, or it might be a luxury watch. What do you buy the woman who has everything? Gold jewellery is always a winner and there are online gold jewellery retailers where you can find something suitable. Giving gold is a wise thing to do, as you are giving an asset that can be liquidated easily.

In these uncertain times when markets are volatile, it makes sense to move some of your wealth into gold bullion to protect your estate. Start by searching online for a gold bullion dealer and make an appointment to visit their offices and acquire

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