6 Tips to Organize a Closet

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


Your closet can be a magical place where you store your beautiful clothing and make it easy to get dressed or pick out an outfit for a certain occasion.  Unfortunately, too many of us have closets that are very disorganized and it makes choosing an outfit stressful.  Here are some tips on how to organize a closet and keep it that way.

Do a Purge. 

If you didn't already, make sure you grab my free step by step guide to purge your entire wardrobe. The only way to make the best use of your favorite items, is to get rid of the stuff that is taking up space that you don't like or won't wear.  A purge is very important because it's the first step in taking control of everything you own.  A purge lets you get rid of anything that you don't need or use so that there's more open space for the important stuff. 

Decide How to Store. 
Do you want to group your items by color?   How about type/sleeve length?   Ultimately, it's up to you which method you will use because some people choose outfits in a different way.  For me, I like to group my clothing by type (tanks, tees, dresses, tunics, etc.) and then by color.  I dress for the weather so it makes sense for me to do it that way.  Some people just choose a color so it makes sense for them to go by color first.  Make sure the one you choose makes it easier for you to see everything you have and pick out an outfit. 

All Season? 
Some people have to store off season items in a different location like another closet or under their bed.  Some people can keep it all in one location (like me) because they have just the right amount of clothing AND space.  If you can't store all seasons of clothing in your closet, figure out a way to effectively store the off season items so they're protected.  Plastic storage tubs are great for boots and vacuum seal bags are great for sweaters that can be sealed shut and stored under the bed. 

Use Dividers. 
Some people need stuff divided so they can see their separate sections of tops and dresses.  I'm the same way.  I made little tags (you can find closet tags online or on etsy) and they separate the different sections of clothing which makes it so easy for me to navigate to the item I'm looking for.  I also use dividers for shoes and purses.   

Fold Things in the Best Possible Way.
The KonMari folding method which you can easily research online, lets you save lots of space by folding and stacking things a certain way.  If you have a dresser, I highly recommend her methods because you will maximize A LOT of space!  

By the way if you love the KonMari Method, check out my free printable Konmari list

Shop for Organizing Tools.
There are all kinds of things you can find at stores like The Container Store for dividing clothing, hanging purses, displaying shoes, dividing drawers, and hanging belts.  Decide how you want to store everything then make your list.

With a little planning and a day or two of actual organizing, you can have a closet that is so well put together, dressing yourself in the morning will be a mindless task! 


6 Tips for Organizing A Closet

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