Easily Organize Your Utility Closet

Monday, August 7, 2023


The utility closet in most homes seems to be the catch all for all of the important stuff that you tend to need in a hurry.  In my utility closet I keep towels for cleaning up messes, candles, cleaning supplies, and more.  But after a couple of months it can start to look very chaotic and I've heard other people say there's is terrifying when they open the door.  So today I'm going to give you some steps to easily organize your own utility closet.

Step 1: Remove Everything
Yes, you read that correctly.  The first step in organizing is always emptying the space of it's current contents.  Make room on a table or the floor and start unloading that closet.  This lets you see EVERYTHING that's in there and will allow you to sort through it. 

Step 2: Group Similar Items
This is the part where you group items together like all the candles, light bulbs, dust rags, etc.  If you have an item that has no group, set it aside, as it likely can be stored elsewhere. 

Step 3: Purge Your Groups
So now that you have all of the like items together, you can go through each grouping to eliminate excessive duplicates, broken items, or anything that you have no idea why you had even kept and stored in the utility closet.  These items can be given away or tossed.  I mean, I know it's nice to have extension cords but do you need 15 of them?  Keep only the nicest of what you really want. 

Step 4: Decide Storage 
So now you can begin putting things back in your utility closet.  When it comes to storage - consider these ideas:
Use small square baskets for items you need to grab in a hurry. 
Clear storage drawers are great for tiny items that can easily get lost on their own.
Fold towels and stack them vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have to work with. 
Put most commonly used items at eye level so it's easy to reach. 
Anything you don't use often can go up high or down low. 
Store cleaning supplies with the open bottles towards the front. 

Step 5: Label
Now you can make category names and label them.  This is always an important step when organizing any space in your home because it reminds you and your family members where things go and it also helps you find them in a hurry.   You can use a label maker or simply tape little pieces of paper onto the storage containers with the contents written on them. 

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