How Owning Less Makes Me Feel Less Stressed in Life

Tuesday, January 2, 2024


I know it seems like it's such a trendy thing but simplifying my life really did change it in all of the best ways.  I know I could give an advice post about why it could do the same for you but instead I'm just going to explain how it's made me feel stressed in life.

I know every item I own and where it is. 
I'm not being dramatic here! I really do know everything I own and where I keep it.  If you were to ask me if I have any spare fabric squares for arts and crafts, I can immediately tell you that yes I do and they are in the 3rd drawer (labeled CRAFTS) in the office.  They are neatly folded in the middle of it in fact. See over the last couple of years I did multiple purges of the items I own and kept only what I need, use, or brings me joy.  I regularly use fabric pieces when I make little mixed media arts and crafts so of course I kept them. This makes it so easy for me to find anything.  I know every piece of holiday decor I own as well.  For the last 2 years I can confidently make a decision on a potential purchase based on if I already have the item or not. I've never been wrong. 

My days feel so free.
Of course I have regular work tasks and weekly cleaning tasks that I do but overall, I have an open and free schedule.  If I want to read in my spare time, I can do that without any guilt because there are no longer enormous lists of projects I need to get done that I've been putting off (like cleaning out cluttered areas of my home). 
I am financially stable. 
Yes, I really am.  It takes a lot for me to buy something.  If it's necessities like food I buy it of course but I no longer jump on impulse buys just because I think something looks cool. I find myself stopping and asking if I really need it, if I really want it to take up space in my home, and if it's really worth spending money on.  Because of this, most of what I own is very practical. House plants of course because they are alive but any gadgets I have are things I absolutely need.  I no longer need every little life hack device known to mankind.  Sometimes things just aren't worth the space they take up. 
My home doesn't stress me out in any way. 
It's always tidy and organized.  Cleaning at most involves just doing standard things like laundering linens, dusting, vacuuming, and washing floors.  I do a deep clean once a year but none of that involves having to declutter because my home no longer has clutter because it's no longer stuffed with things I don't need.
Gift giving and receiving is so different.  
When it comes to gifts I get for people - I choose practical things.  I don't like being wasteful at all.  Even for kids, I will choose things that will be used for multiple years, not just the trendy toy that will be thrown aside as the child ages. And for my own wishlists I put the most practical things on them.  When my husband and I exchange gifts it's SO practical and I love it. Cleaning items like a new floor scrubber are at the top of my list and he enjoys cigars so that's an easy option for me.  I no longer feel burdened by gifts because I ask people for things I need and use or for experiences like gift cards for date nights.

I can focus on bigger goals. 
Fitness and health is a big goal for me and I can spend more time working on those goals since I'm not burdened with a messy cluttered home or life. I no longer RSVP yes to everything so I have way more free time to spend on things I really feel passionate about.  

I no longer feel bored. 
I used to need constant stimulation. Now, my favorite thing to do is sit quietly on my porch and just take in the sights and sounds of nature. I don't even check my phone half the time. 

I am so glad I've chosen to simplify my life because it's been so rewarding!

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