How I Run Outside in Winter

Tuesday, January 23, 2024


As someone who enjoys running outdoors, I also really enjoy doing so in the cold weather months. This is for a number of reasons which I will outline below but wanted to make this post simply for the fact that I know there are other people out there that could benefit from continuing their outdoor running even in the low temps.

I wear light layers. 
Yes, that's right....I don't bulk up with the layers. This is because when you run outdoors, within 1-2 minutes your body heats up quite quickly and it actually makes it feel like it's about 20 degrees warmer than what it actually is.  The key is to feel slightly uncomfortable when you first step outside.  I rarely have to wear heavy layers because I never feel the cold the way I would if I just went outside and stood there for 20 minutes. 
I embrace the dark but bring lights. 
I personally love running in the dark because not only can no one see me but there's no one really out there. I also don't have to worry about the sun in my eyes or the sun beating down on me making me overheat.  I wear knuckle lights for safety so I can see in front of me and let others know I'm there and I never leave home without my safety vest.  
I run early so I give myself an energy boost for the day. 
For some reason it's easy to get sleepy in Winter and drag all morning long. But when I start my day with a run, everything's easier. I''m warmer the rest of the day and I have so much more energy to focus and get stuff done from my to do list not just around the house but at work. 
Running in cold/warm temps makes your body adjust to it. 
After you regularly run in the heat or the cold, your body is better able to regulate itself after a while so you won't be as bothered by the extreme highs or lows like other people might.  This is my key to success.  People think I'm crazy for running in the frigid temps but it is not bad for me at all!! 
I enjoy the peace.
The world is more quiet in the winter and that's something I really enjoy.  I may have my music on in my earbuds as I run outdoors but I also notice the more quiet scenery around me. Many times I pass deer or owls that are just trying to make their way around when most others aren't awake.  I feel so much more grounded and closer to nature when I run in the Winter.
If you are thinking of running, don't be afraid to start now, even when it's cold out.

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