How I'm Able to Grocery Shop ONLY 2X a Month

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


I'm one of the most introverted people I know and I also don't like leaving the house and wasting my time running errands.  As I've adopted a more minimalistic and simplistic lifestyle, I try to cut my errands down.  One of the ways I do this is by meal planning two weeks at a time and then grocery shopping every 2 weeks. 

It's not that I don't like grocery shopping, I just don't enjoy the tempting impulse buys and the overwhelming options of everything.  So how do I manage to only go every two weeks? Well keep reading! 
Meal Planning for 2 Weeks at a Time
I sit down every two weeks and meal plan for the next two. I made a beginner's guide to meal planning to explain my process.  I take into consideration any activities on our calendar so I know if I have time to make certain meals or should opt for easier ones on certain days.  Meal planning means I know exactly what to expect each day for our dinner.  

After I plan the meals I make my grocery list by going from meal to meal writing down any ingredients I need and checking my kitchen to see if something's already well stocked. 
Taking Stock of What I Have
Sometimes I go through my pantries and fridge to see what items I have that I could use for a meal.  This way I don't have to buy them new and I also ensure what I have already won't go bad. 
Planning Produce Meals for the First Week
I plan meals that require fresh produce in the first week or so of my meal plan. This way, I don't have to make extra trips because the produce goes bad.  By thinking this out well in advance, I never have issues and never have to run out on an emergency trip.  This is even easier during the gardening season since I grow my own veggies. 

Sticking to an Organized Grocery List
When I make my grocery list I write it down in the order of the way I shop through the store.  When I get to the store I stick to my list. I only go to the aisles and shelves that I need to. I use laser focus when shopping and if I'm not looking at my list I'm looking at the item I'm grabbing off the shelves. I don't pay attention to end caps and promotional items that will add to my grocery bill.  Doing this ensures I stick to the same general budgeted amount for groceries every 2 weeks. 
Buying Emergency Options
I usually buy a couple frozen meals or dry meal kits to keep on hand for times where something comes up and we just can't cook.  This is also great if something interrupts my schedule of planing and shopping so I don't have to worry about not having anything to eat.  Plus, I don't get tempted to order food and spend way too much money when I could have just ate what I already had in the house.  

Utilizing Leftovers
If I cook an especially big meal that I know will have leftover portions, I use that for a 2 day dinner.  I get so excited when I don't have to cook so leftovers are something I really enjoy. 

So if you want to cut back your grocery trips, try my method and see if it works for you.  Maybe you can go more than 2 weeks or maybe just a week and a half.  Either way, if you're saving time and energy, you're on the right path!

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  1. I also love eating leftovers.


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