Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, February 5, 2024


I am probably one of the most practical people out there especially when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.  I don't like things that are wasteful.  When it comes to gifts for others I tend to get very useful and practical things.  It's a better use of my money and I think the receiver always appreciates it.  So if you are anything like me and are looking for practical Valentine's Day gift ideas, look no further.

Food is a great gift because it absolutely will be consumed.  It's not something that will just be thrown away or never used.  If it's a baked good there's even a tight time frame that it has to be consumed in.  There are lots of food boxes out there like jerky gift boxes, gluten free and vegan gift boxes, cookies, cakes, and more.  If you have someone on your list that likes something specific, just get them what you know they'll love.  
Now hear me out because clothing sometimes is a risky gift but I'm talking practical things like a jacket that you know your partner needs or workout gear that they've had their eyes on.  Shoes are often something people have on their wish list and they'll obviously get used so that's always a great place to start.  Hats, belts, wallets, clutches, and any kind of accessory is also a great idea. 
Small Appliances/Tools
So I may be strange but I love me a good cleaning appliance like a vacuum, carpet cleaner, etc.  I often ask for those things for holidays from my husband and it doesn't get more practical than that.  If there's an appliance that needs replaced and your spouse or partner uses it often (toaster, microwave, etc.) have at it! Also for men, tools like drills and sets of tools are a great idea. 
Reference Books
Reference books like encyclopedias on different topics like crystals, cars, etc. are a great idea for someone that has specific hobbies and interests and enjoys reading. 
Kitchen Items
A new set of pots and pans or a new matching set of dishes/plates/cups are always a great gift idea and SO practical.  Only consider this if it's actually needed though otherwise you're just adding stuff that may sit in a cabinet for years unused. 
Gift Cards
It doesn't get more practical than this.  But the trick is to be creative with gift cards. If you know your partner likes to get spa treatments, manicures, or haircuts from somewhere specific, get a gift certificate to that place.  For the car lover, a car wash gift card is a great idea or even a detailing package.  If you have someone that loves shopping at specific places for clothing, get them a gift card to their favorite retail store.  
A Night Out
This can be as simple as a dinner and a movie or a specific experience like a comedy show.  The gift of experience is great because you create memories with it so it's basically a neverending gift. 
Acts of Service
If something has needed built or repaired or replaced, do that as the gift.  No one can be mad at a new bookshelf to replace the broken one.  Think outside the box for this one.  Even if it's as simple as taking over household chores for the week, acts of service are an ideal gift for someone you love and care about. 
Hopefully these give you some ideas whether it's for shopping for a loved one or what to put on YOUR list.

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