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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Start Your Day The Right Way

As the weather is picking up, our mornings are becoming brighter, and many of us feel less inclined to stay in bed. Unless, of course, we start our day the wrong way. We all know that getting up on the wrong side of the bed can have a huge knock-on effect when it comes to the rest of the day. Summer is a great time of year to really work on your mindset and outlook on life, if the weather is good, we can instantly let that have a positive effect on our mood. So I thought I would share with you some of the best ways you can start your day the right way.
Choose your outfit the night before
This may sound like you are super organized, but getting rid of major choices in the morning is a much better way to have a relaxed approach to the start of your day. So if you can, it might be worth choosing the outfit you will be wearing for the day the night before. We all have applications on our phone that will tell us the immediate weather forecast, so it shouldn't be a huge dilemma to undertake. It may present the perfect opportunity to reorganize your wardrobe, giving you a choice of comfortable dresses for every occasion or even a capsule wardrobe for things like work or casual days.
Don’t be an alarm dodger
If you have no choice but to wake at the same time each morning, it can be difficult to accept when your alarm begins to chime. Especially if you don’t find yourself to be a morning person. However, once you hear that alarm begin your morning routine there and then. Snoozing the alarm can only have a negative effect as you continuously put yourself back into that wake-up state every ten minutes. What is the point?
Stretch your muscles as you wake up
Stretching can have a huge positive effect on your body as you slowly wake up for the day, it helps realign muscles to avoid aches and pains. Slowly doing this as you wake up ensures you engage your brain and your body to be on the same page.
Avoid coffee or tea as your first drink of the day
Our bodies will be dehydrated from the night before, having had no new fluid since you going to bed, so it’s important that you hydrate your body with water as one of the first drinks in the morning. It may be tempted to reach for the strong stuff, but having a pint of water before hand will help your body wake up much quicker than any caffeine hit.
Ignore your phone until after breakfast
It may be tempting to check in on your social media or respond to emails, but try and avoid any contact with this kind of technology first thing. It’s important to relax and enjoy the start of your day, rather than be hassled or gain those feeling of stress from emails and the pressure social media can bring.
I hope these tips help you have a better start to your day.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Outfit of the Day: Maxi & Denim

I am loving the LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt. Not only can you wear it as a strapless dress, but as a skirt you can do so many things.   I have seen people knot it at the bottom which I was going to try but I figured I'd just wear it loose since I already knotted the Classic T I'm wearing.

And yes, LuLaRoe has stuff OTHER THAN LEGGINGS!   Including adorable skirts and dresses which is what I'm really in love with.  Then I added a denim jacket to help give it a layered look but I also love the fact that it's cute even if I take it off!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5 Tips for Dog Owners in May

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 It's Spring and that means many many MANY things for your little pooch.   So I wanted to put together a brief blog post with some Spring tips!  From ticks to bad breath... let's get it started!

1. Treat Your Dog for Fleas and Ticks
This is a very very very important thing year round but espeically during the nicer months where your dog is outside more.   Whether it's a flea and tick treatment, a collar, or putting your dog in a bubble, I don't care - just make sure you are safeguarding your pooch!

2. Allergies
Allergies are a very real thing even for dogs.   Mine have been sneezing more after they hang out on the screened in porch.  So I make sure I'm vacuuming very often, keeping the house dust free, and on days when the pollen count is super high, I make sure to keep Rocky inside as much as possible since he has a heart issue.

3. Oral Hygiene
So this is the perfect time of year to keep your pup's oral hygiene in tip top shape because there's going to be a lot of panting with the warmer weather.   I always advise dog owners to brush their dog's teeth at least once a week and in between, make sure you supply them with a fun treat like Greenies from Chewy. They are the perfect size for a variety of dogs and they not only keep dogs occupied but they   help fight plaque and tartar build up and they freshen breath.  It's also a great way to maintain healthier teeth and gums.   They come in a lovely mint flavor and are made from soluble natural ingredients.

4. Water
Make sure your pooch is always provided fresh drinking wter especially on hot days or when coming in from playing in the yard.   Dehydration is a serious thing for both people and pets.

5. Vaccines
If you're one of those people that brings your dog to the park a lot, make sure they are up to date on the vaccines and they are properly registered with their tags.   Anytime dogs are around other dogs, there's the potential for a transfer of germs, fleas, ticks, and more.

What's your favorite tip for dog owners this month?

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Outfit of the Day: Floral Skirt

So I tried a new piece from the LuLaRoe line and it's the Lucy skirt and OMG am I ever in love.  It's got two layers to it - the bottom one being a silky black material, and then the top is a lace overlay with a print.

I paired it with a purple Classic T and knotted it towards the bottom.  This skirt is amazing for warm weather because it's flowy and lets the breeze in.  I seriously need 100 more of these! Have you tried any of the LuLaRoe skirts yet?

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How To Have An EPIC Summer Day

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, all opinions are mine alone.  #CollectiveBias #BestSummerMemories

I know some people think that whenever you want to have an epic day you have to do a ton of planning but trust me when I say that I'm an expert at on-the-go fun!  One of the easiest ways to make the most of your summer is to make memories with your friends.  You can still have an epic day with minimal planning.  And you can get pretty much all you need at one place.   So today I'm going to share my secret on how to have a totally epic summer day. I'm going to cover everything you need to  make your summer memorable.   

Obviously you need the right supplies so take my lead and just know that if you don't already have all these supplies you can always pick them up at your local CVS store like I did.  

Obviously it's much easier to enjoy a sunny summer day with friends when you don't have to squint to see each other.   A cute pair of sunglasses is an absolute MUST.  Not only are they functional but they are fashionable. 

 Sunscreen is a must especially if you'll be outdoors in the sun for an extended period of time.  A sunburn will just cut your fun short so make sure you're covered, literally!  CVS has a great supply to choose from. 

Whether it's a snack attack while you're driving to your destination or you just need some snacks for when you arrive, stock up at your local CVS and grab some munchies for on-the-go noshing.   I always keep some pretzels handy for my friends and myself because it's easy to eat and refuel.  

A cute towel is a must for any summer picnic, lounging poolside, or going to the beach so make sure you are prepared.   

You can't have fun without your friends so make sure you get a good group of people together. Let them know the plans and what they should bring along. 

Your go-to outfit for summer fun should be comfortable and cute.   Consider the weather and the location.  If you are going on a hike you don't want to wear shoes that are difficult to walk in.  If you are going to be lounging in the park or by a pool, flip flops are completely appropriate. 

|Sharing an Ice Cold Coca-Cola™| 
Since you have everything you need with the list above, you can put some of them all together like friends and Coca-Cola.   Ice Cold Coca-Cola is so refreshing during the hottest moments of Summer and this year they include first AND last names on their bottles!   

It's always fun for everyone to bring something to a get together that they can share with others.   

There are 1,000 plus names available on multiple Coca-Cola brands and packages which means you should be able to find a bottle to share with at least one of your friends.   CVS is the perfect place to pick up a bottle for on-the-go moments like heading off to the beach or going to a concert or festival with your friends.  

Make sure you check the soda aisle of your local CVS AND if you use your CVS ExtraCare card you can get special CVS pricing at 2 for $3.  So you can share with a friend AND you can save money. 

And if you or your friends want more options, consider Coca-Cola™ to quench your thirst as you enjoy a warm summer day.  

Check out these fun ideas for an epic summer day! What will you be doing with your friends to make more memories?

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Easy Way to Younger-Looking Skin

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for many of us, our skin is usually something that has to be beautiful regardless. Young-looking skin is miles more vibrant, soft and smooth than ragged and tired skin that hasn’t be cared for properly. Although looking young is difficult as you get older, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your duties of embracing your beauty. So if you want younger-looking skin without having to stress over too many things, here are a couple of fantastic tips to help you along.

Wash Your Face Before Bed

In addition to brushing your teeth, you also need to make sure that your face is nice and clean right before bed. You want to scrub off the top layer of dirt and grime and you want to ensure that your skin is nice and clean before you head to bed. This is so that your pores don’t clog overnight and cause breakouts when you wake up. Don’t go to bed with an oily face, refresh your skin by giving it a clean before you sleep.

Skincare Routines

Anyone who’s serious about skincare needs to have a routine. However, something that they might not know is that you need to change your skincare routine every couple of months. The first reason is because you need to adapt your products to the season. And secondly, it’s because skin changes over time and old products may not work anymore. There are some products such as the OZNaturals hyaluronic acid serum that will stay relevant throughout all seasons, but creams need to be changed whenever the seasons do to ensure your skin gets the care it needs.

Reduce Stress

Stress can actually cause inflammations in the skin that break down collagen, the protein in the body that causes your skin to look firm. If you’re constantly under stressful situations, then it might be time to take a break, go on holiday or simply relax for a while before you return to work. To help with stress, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep each night and each antioxidant-rich foods like oranges and berries. Meditation and deep breaths can also help greatly when you’re stressed out.

Remember to Exercise

Not only does exercise contribute to a healthier and more toned body, but it also helps with your skin. Studies have shown that those who exercise on a regular basis have better collagen production in their skin. This is because exercise exposes your body to oxygen and nutrients that promote the formation of collagen, and this keeps your skin well-toned and glowing. This is why many models workout—it’s not just for their body, but also their skin!

Watch Your Diet

Diets are also incredibly important to great looking skin. In just a few short weeks, a healthy diet could give your skin a rich glow and make it silky smooth. Try eating lots of foods with antioxidant properties, healthy fats such as from fish, and vitamin A which helps to fight the signs of ageing and wrinkles.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Renting A Home is Easier Than It Looks

Renting A Home Is Easier Than It Looks

Whether you have been working for a few years or you are close to retirement, living in an apartment can put you close to people in your community.  At the same time, because apartment communities tend to have ups and downs as people move in and out, you could find yourself in a situation where your enjoyable place starts to become a headache.

The current answer for many renters is to look at renting a home.  The reason?  Although, more than 10 years ago, home rental prices were relatively higher, the housing market crash took a lot of homes out of circulation.  They weren't remodeled and put back into service until the last couple of years.  Now that they are on the market, they have made the rental price more competitive and attractive to people that are currently renting an apartment.

Here are some ways that you can get started renting a single family home:

Work on your credit:

If you are renting from a landlord that also offers single family homes, your payment history in your apartment will often be enough to help you qualify to rent a home.  On the other hand, because the bulk of the single family homes that are on the market are owned by corporations that specialize in that part of the real estate market, it is a good idea to ensure that your credit is good as possible. 

Most people know that you can get a copy of your credit report online.  What they don't sometimes realize is that it is possible to make purchasing decisions that will increase your score.  Credit counselors and reputable online sites can be a great source of detailed information as to how to go about that if you find that your score is below what you would like it to be.  In general, the number one reason people do have a lower score is that they are not using their credit cards on a regular basis so there is no history for the credit companies to work with.

Enter a program:

Once you do have the credit rating that you would like,  you can look at homes in your area.  One thing to keep in mind is that some corporations like Invitation Homes are looking at putting a rent-to-buy program in place.

In a rent-to-buy program, you find the home that you want and then apply to rent it.  Each month that you pay rent, if you pay a little more, the money that you pay will go towards a down payment and closing costs.  In a way, instead of just renting, you are moving faster towards your first home purchase.  A really nice aspect of entering a program like the one that Invitation Homes is set to offer is that you are already living in the home that you will be purchasing while you are saving to actually make the purchase.

Browse inventory:

There are a lot of rental sites that offer single family homes for you to look through.  As mentioned, however, some of the larger companies have thousands of homes available all over the United States.  So if you go directly to their site, you can often find a home that you are looking for and apply to be accepted at the same time.  When you apply directly, most rental companies will give you a rent level that you are qualified for, allowing you to find a second or third choice from them if your first choice is already taken.

Finding your first rental home can be an exciting experience.  If you ensure that your credit score is strong enough in advance and then take advantage of programs and incentives, you should be able to find a solid home that you can enjoy.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Outfit of the Day: Pretty Pastels

I love wearing pastels, especially in the Spring so it's no surprise that these leggings with pastel colors are a new fav of mine!

This is a simple Perfect T from LuLaRoe but it's very lightweight and flowy and I love that it can be worn all year round!

Are you a fan of pastels?

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

How To Make Your Life Healthy Before Summer

For many of us across the world, summer is almost here. The sun is out which means that we’re spending more and more time outside in the beautiful weather. But there are still things that you can do to make sure that you’re fully prepared for summer - here are a few ways to make your life healthier before you get stuck into the most fun time of year.

Get Fitter And Stronger

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First of all, it’s time to start thinking about getting fitter and stronger. The best way to think about improving your figure is by focusing on how you can feel better, rather than ways that you can lose weight. Your aim should be to run up a couple of flights of stairs without getting out of breath, or lifting a certain weight without any problems, rather than finally fitting into your jeans from way before you had your kids. Focusing on the way you look implies that getting healthier is focused only on your outer appearance, while you should be focused more so on how it makes you feel. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you could start off gently by going along to a yoga class with one of your friends - this series of bends and stretches along with breathing will help you mentally as well as physically. If you’re a bit more active than that, sign up with a personal trainer for a few sessions and figure out the best routine for you.

Start Walking

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If you don’t spend much time focusing on staying fit, then the best thing to do is starting to walk more often. A lot of us jump in our cars for the shortest trips - a five minute drive to drop our kids at school, or a ten minute drive to pick up milk from the store. It’s time to ditch the four wheels and focus on your two legs instead. Walking is great for everyone - it’s a lot more low impact than jogging or running and you don’t need any special equipment, but it can make you feel a lot better in pretty much every part of your body. If your back tends to get sore, walking will help to improve your aches and pains, and if you’ve just started going to the gym but you find that you don’t have very much stamina, walking more often will help with that as well. Not only will it help you physically, but walking will help you slow down and look at the world in a different way. For a start, you might stop off to say hi to any neighbours and friends, and you’ll also get a chance to move a little more slowly than normal and take note of the world around you - the big blue summery sky, the bright green leaves on the trees, and the sun above you. Walking will help you celebrate the natural world.

Consider Sun Protection

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During the summer, chances are, you’ll be out in the sun much more than you are during the winter (Not least because during the winter there really isn’t much sun to be outside in!). If you’ve decided to take us up on our advice to start walking a little more often, you might not be sure what you should be walking in. First of all, make sure that your body is as covered as possible - wear natural breathable fabrics like cotton so that you stay cool in the summer heat. Fabric can help to soak up any sweat, meaning that your skin will stay nice and dry - but unnatural fabrics might not be quite as good at doing that and become more than a little uncomfortable. Cover your head with a hat (don’t forget that your scalp can get sunburned when it’s particularly hot out, which is incredibly uncomfortable and not particularly attractive if it starts peeling!), and make sure that you wear sunglasses with UV protection in them. Finally - and you might just know this already! - it’s time to start slathering yourself in sunscreen with a high factor, which will help you stay protected from the sun for longer. Even if your foundation has sun protection in it, during the summer you’ll probably need a little more help than that, so make sure you put on some factor fifty before you apply your makeup.

Make Your Living Space Healthy

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If you don’t spend much time considering your living space, now is the time to change that. What’s around you definitely changes the way that you see the world, which means that your space will have a definite effect on your life. Make sure that your house has plenty of natural light - if you aren’t in the habit of opening your curtains in the morning, make sure that you change that. Not only will it make your home sunny and beautiful but it’ll also let the heat from outside come in. Add more lighting - make sure that you’re being environmentally responsible and that you use LED bulbs, which last longer and use less energy (which is of course great for your bank account). Salt lamps look incredible and will also have a purifying effect on your home as they remove the moisture from the atmosphere and improve the air quality. If you want to add a little greenery to your home using pot plants, they may just have the same effect by providing you with a lot more oxygen in your living space. Succulent plants are particularly popular at the moment, and not just for the way they look - they’re also incredibly easy to take care of if you aren’t particularly green-fingered!

Focus On Your Mental Health

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If you’ve never been to therapy, now is the time to start. You might think that you don’t need to go, and that might be true - but the truth is that it can benefit absolutely everyone, even if it’s on a more preventative than curative basis. If you’ve had therapy then you’ll know how to handle it better when things go wrong in the future - and things will go wrong, because they inevitably do at some point for everyone. Work might get stressful, or a parent might get sick - and if you’ve had therapy then you’ll already have the tools to keep yourself mentally healthy through the toughest times in your life. Remember that you don’t have to settle for the first therapist that you go to see - it might take time to figure out who suits you.

Make Changes To Your Professional Life

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If you aren’t happy at work, then now is the time to change that. A lot of people get new jobs at the end of the summer and you could start preparing for that now. Make pros and cons lists about your current job and about what you’d like to do in the future, whether that’s a step up on the ladder in your current industry or whether you’d like to retrain and go into a completely different field altogether. The best way to do this is to get organised - figure out what exactly you need to do and how you’ll be able to achieve those goals, along with any financial repercussions. If you’re happy at your job already then it’s time to make sure that you’re getting recompensed fairly for all your hard work. Next time you have a review with your boss, talk to them about getting a raise. There’s no point in sitting back and waiting for things like that to fall into your lap - it’s important to remember that if you don’t ask, chances are, you won’t get.

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My Busy LuLaRoe Party Weekend + How Carryout Courier Saved Me

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So this weekend was a frickin blast! I hosted my first in-home LuLaRoe pop up and it was also a Tastefully Simple party because my soon to be cousin in law is a TS Consultant.

She seriously made an amazing spread!

So as for the LuLaRoe part... My friend and favorite consultant ever Miss Emily Jang and her friend and assistant Lillian, came the whole way from New Jersey! Not only does she have great customer service but she came the whole way out just so we could meet her in person!

Those are the leggings...

And that was the racks set up with tons of LuLa on them!! It was soooo freakin fun... but by the time it was over (it ran from 1-4pm) I was completely exhausted.   I didn't even want to think about dinner.   That's when Carryout Courier came to mind.   So Carryout Courier has actually been around since 1994.  They cater to York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg and they offer restaurant food delivery service for more than 70 restaurants.   And they will deliver to your home, your business, or even your hotel if you're just in town for the weekend.   You can place your order online or on the phone.

They even offer a full range of catering which is pretty amazing.  Sound too good to be true?  I'm serious!! It's a $4.99 processing fee for Harrisburg, Lancaster, or York delivery.   You still have to add gratuity but I mean come on - that's to be expected because these people bring this food right to your door! And the delivery time is generally 45 minutes to an hour.  They won't place the order with the restaurant until they have a driver available to pick up the meal. 

Those delicious burgers are from Arooga's.   We actually had ordered a day ahead of time with a delivery time of 6 pm. I knew I'd be crazy after my party, so we selected our food and got a confirmation.  Then right at 5:55 pm the driver came to my door. He was super friendly and our food was still warm and fresh. 

I seriously can't believe how much of a luxury this is.  I didn't even know this existed until the company reached out to me so I could feature them on here.   
Seriously - check them out today if you live in the area so you can see what restaurants work with them. There was some great ethnic food ones too!

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