Dog is Good Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Is Good is the perfect place to find products to promote your love of dogs.  From hats and mugs, to tees and PJ’s Dog Is Good has some awesome products with funny and catchy sayings on them.  The greatest part is that with the sale of any of the Big Mutts Designs, Dog Is Good is donating a percentage to a variety of animal welfare organizations.  That means A LOT to me as I stand for everything having to do with helping out animals!

I received a shirt from Dog Is Good that says “I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie”.   It’s so cute and comfy.  It’s thin and it’s kind of like having two tees in one.  I love the fitted style of it and it’s pre shrunk but will still stretch a bit.  I love it and the colors are so pretty. I got a lot of compliments on it each time I’ve worn it! This shirt is part of the Big Mutts Designs so a portion of it’s sales will go to an animal welfare organization. 

Be sure to check out Dog Is Good today!

One reader will win a $25 Gift Certificate for Dog Is Good!


  1. -Favorite item: Sleepwear: French Sleep Set Pajamas
    -Why: They are SO CUTE! I love Comfy PJ's.

    aliaskys (at) yahoo dot com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  2. I LIKE THE "Tee: I Like Big Mutts (light blue)" , I JUST THINK IT'S SO CUTE & I HAVE A MASTIFF MYSELF (SHE'S BIIIG)!

  3. LOVE the Big Dog, Bigger Love shirt. And the I Like Big Mutts shirt. And the Dogwalkers tee too. Lol. And that's just the shirts. I love my boys and could list about half the stuff on the site that I love. Thank you sooo much for the chance to win things for and related to dogs. They're my fave kind to enter.


  4. My favorite item is the Dog Water Bottle because it is easier than a water bowl to carry around.

  5. I LOVE the I Like Big Mutts ceramic mug.


    Love this tee shirt. We have two dogs a Sheltie/beagle mix and a Rattie. Cinnamon and Sugar.

    Cinnamon will sit bit sugar won't. We gave tried everything. My hubby says sugar is my dog so I this shirt is perfect for him

  7. I love the 'Property of Dog' hoodie.


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