Pet Flys Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pet Flys has the absolute most awesome selection of pet supplies EVER!!!!  From adorable pet carriers to stunning apparel, they have such high quality products for a great price.  I first heard about Pet Flys from my Chihuahua magazine I am subscribed too.  I was always amazed at how they offered the coolest most useful products for pets.  Everything they carry is so stylish, both for your furry friend and yourself!

Well, I got the chance to try out a Fifi Florette Puppy Sling Pouch. So freakin’ awesome!!!!  The Pouch comes with a metal adjustable shoulder slider, an anti-pill soft fleece inner lining, 3 pockets, and a safety chain.  It’s SO lightweight and has a hand washable liner.  I have three Chihuahuas so it gets very tricky to carry them sometimes.  We have Pixie, who goes slow down steps, Grace who goes fast, and Stella who isn’t really a fan of stairs.  The Puppy Sling Pouch makes it super easy to put Stella inside, and then carry Pixie in the other hand, while Grace runs down the stairs herself.  Also, Grace tends to get nervous when we are around a lot of people in a huge crowd, especially if they have dogs.  She loves this Sling Pouch because she can hang out right against me and feel safe, and not have to worry about other dogs approaching her or people nearly stepping on her.  I am so excited about this!! I love it and I use it as much as possible.  The Puppy Sling Pouch accommodates pets up to 19 pounds!!

One reader is going to win a Fifi Florette Puppy Sling Pouch of their own!


  1. i like the private stripes one, actually i like the griffins gold but i don't think it's manly enough for bullet lol. i LOVE their sleepytime pet pockets too

  2. Cute blog, I am a new friend from the week-end hop.


  4. My favorite item is the Hot Pink Leopard Pet Pocket because my little dogs would love to sleep in it

  5. I LOVE the Army Camo Pet Pocket because we have a rat terrier/min pin mix that loves to sleep under the covers on our bed and I have been looking for beds for my boys that suits each one of them.


  6. I love the pet pockets! They are so amazing. My dog has a blanket on his bed that he is always burrowing in so I am 100% sure he would love these things!


    Love this.

  8. --Favorite item: Full Size LEOPARD & TURQUOISE Cuddle Blanket
    --Why: It's so cute, and looks so cuddly. I want one for me! :)

    aliaskys (at) yahoo dot com
    THANK YOU!! :)


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