Tattoos Make Great Fashion Accessories

Monday, July 4, 2011

Think about it..... you are permanently decorated with art that expresses yourself.   Although I'm sure some people have their opinions about them, this post is to focus on how much they add to a person.   My favorite tattoo that I've seen lately (I wouldn't get it myself but that's okay) is the leopard print design on girls.  Whether it's part of a sleeve, or just by itself, I think it looks great!  Not everyone can rock a body covered in tattoos, but I know of several female celebrities that can!

The way I see it is, some people wear specific jewelry, or clothing with a statement or belief on it.  And some people wear that on their sleeve, literally!   The tricky thing is, you also have to match your outfit with you tattoos.  Most people with tattooed sleeves, wear sleeveless dresses and tops.  You also have to wear a more plain top, as to not look overwhelming mixed with the design of your tattoos. See, fashion is EVERYWHERE!


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  2. Tattoos are such awesome self expression things but I can't handle having a lot, I change my mind too much to like them years from now! lol


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