Happy Halloween - I was an 80's Rocker Chick! And My Pups were....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone and their kiddos had a great time tonight or whenever your Trick Or Treat night was!! My apartment complex obviously doesn't have Trick or Treaters but when I was out and about this evening I got the pleasure of seeing all the kids out. So cute! I saw this one boy with his dad and the boy had a huge box around himself, he was a Wii controller!   Awww!!!

So.... what was I?

An 80's rocker chick!!

Originally the costume was supposed to look like this...

But I didn't like how it was so "one piecey", so I folded the shirt part of it into the skirt.

Pink Cami - Express
Black Lace Tank - Fang
Boots - Buckle
Leggings - Mossimo from Target
Leather Jacket - Bebe

I was invited last week to attend a friend's Trick or Treat night party. My dogs were also invited!
Stella was a monkey slumber party pup, Pixie was a lion, and Grace was a football player.

And one last thing... the snacks at this party were awesome!! Check it out!

Yes that says Ellen Ross Illness Dip lol because I had been sick earlier in the week.

How was YOUR Halloween? What were you and what were your kids?  No matter what, I hope you had an amazing time!


  1. Loved your costume!! Soooo cute and those boots were adorable!

    I am STILL dying laughing at the Lion costume! lol

    We also live in an apt/condo complex so no trick or treaters here either. I dressed up as myself...now THAT'S scary! :)

  2. You look so cute and I especially love the dog "lion" costume. I got to man the door for around 200 trick or treaters. Unfortunately my 14 year old came home empty handed from roaming the neighborhood with a bunch of teens. (she's too old to ring doorbells anyway).

  3. GREAT outfit. You looked like I did in the 80's *LOL* (Madonna wanna-be> that would have been me)(Gawd I feel old now) Love the boots that I said looked like something the lead singer of an 80's hairband would have worn.
    The only thing missing is the leg-warmers, but you at least got the fingerless glove thing going...and the side pony-tail. *LOL* Good job putting it all together.


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