BEARPAW Shoes Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/21

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BEARPAW Shoes has a great selection of boots and shoes that come in all different styles! BEARPAW Shoes came to be in 2001 when it’s founder Tom Romeo decided to create some casual footwear that would be comfortable and stylish. He used sheepskin since it naturally regulates the body temperature and keeps your feet drier and cooler in the heat, and warmer in the cold. BEARPAW Shoes carry casual footwear, slippers, and boots. There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from whether it's for a casual day of running errands, or you want to head out on the town and stay warm and fashionable.

I received the Boetis Boot. They are funky and fashionable, but most importantly, these boots were super comfortable. It was to the point that I wanted to lounge around in them and not take them off AT ALL! They have a great tread on the bottom, and kept my feet and my ankles very warm.  These were 100% real as well which made them even better and much higher quality than your average boot!

My Advice: Invest in a pair of BEARPAW Shoes. They are high quality, and comfortable, which is very important for your feet!

One winner will receive a pair of BEARPAW Shoes of their own!


  1. I love my Bearpaws! So comfortable and stylish! Wish I had a hundred pairs of them! LOL

  2. I like the CONSTANTINE METALLIC in maple

  3. Those are awesome! I love their styles and they look sooo comforatable!

    stacey00615 (at)


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