Squeem Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/29

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am so so so excited to tell you about Squeem! Squeem offers comfortable shapewear that gives you instant results and their products are of the highest quality! I have tried shapewear before and I can tell you that Squeem is one of my favorites!!! Sometimes I have an outfit that doesn’t look right on me, maybe I don’t like the way it lays on my body or how it fits too tight, which is where Squeem comes into play. When you wear Squeem products, you give your body a tighter look, and your clothes fit better!

I received the Perfect Waist from Squeem. I started wearing it for an hour or two each night just to get used to it. I was seriously amazed at the difference I saw. It was like I had a whole new body, or waistline atleast. It was very comfortable to wear once I got used to it after about a week. And I also didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing. It was very discreet and even when someone touched me or hugged me, they didn’t notice I had something on underneath. It was amazing how much better it made my silhouette look and it really helped me fit into some outfits that normally would have showed every imperfection! I am so happy with my Perfect Waist! It was very very very easy to snap together and to take off!

My Advice: This is a must have!! It’s a great investment and you will be happy with the look you see after you wear a Squeem product!

One lucky winner will receive a Perfect Waist of their own!


  1. beautiful blog! I will visit more often :)) Visit me!

  2. I like the classic squeem.

  3. Would love to try the fashion cincher in beige

  4. I love the Sexy Body Panty.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  5. I like the Fashion Cincher.


  6. So... are these for guys as well? Pretty cool concept if you ask me. Kind of like the "Bro"

  7. I like the Fashion cincher!! Its fashionable and helps with the stomach.. I've always wanted one of these!!! Fingers crossed!!

  8. I like the fashion cincher, after having a baby momma needs this :)

  9. I could really use this... Ever since having kids i hate how my belly looks.. And with disc degenerate disease, i have a hard time excersing...

  10. I would love to try the Sexy Body Panty.


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