Balancing Life and Pets {{Advice}}

Sunday, December 30, 2012

How do you find time for having so many animals while being a working women.

photo by tanakawhovia PhotoRee
Dear Tricia:
I actually get asked this question a lot.  Animals are a huge passion of mine.  Some people spend time and money on hobbies such as cars, sports, crafts, etc.  My time and money is spent with animals, more specifically my dogs.  I make them a priority.  I set money aside every paycheck for the medical, food, and other needs, and I never ever miss their meal times.  Sometimes that means I have to say no to an impromptu happy hour after work but that's okay because it's all worth it in when I walk in the door and see my elated puppies waiting for me! I'm so used to it now that it's second nature so it really isn't a challenge caring for them. As I write this, 2 of them are laying on me! 

Hope that helps answer your question!

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